Vision: “Come, come inside the boat, a storm is fast approaching, come inside, your only safety is in here with me.” – Patti Huson

Patti Huson

February 21, 2019

I saw the numbers 666, and under
the numbers was a long loaf of
bread, like French bread, and under
the bread was water. Then I heard,

“The Bible is Truth, it is the Living
word. Heaven and earth will pass
away, but my word shall forever

Then I saw Jesus standing
on the rail of a boat on the sea,
the clouds were darkening, the
winds were blowing, the waves
were crashing and he was waving
his hand out onto the waters and
he said

“Come, come inside the
boat, a storm is fast approaching,
come inside, your only safety is in
here with me.”

And as Jesus was
looking out all in the water there
was only a couple

I know what this message was from the Lord. 666 with the loaf of bread and the water underneath is the antichrist, he will feed the people manna and tell them he is the life force, living water to live….his mark will supply everything you need, he is the provider, imitating Christ. The boat and the storm the raggedy ones trying to walk to the boat for safety with Jesus. Their robes were spotted and muddied. They had no strength (faith) to walk out on the water during the raging storm, it was too late their attempts and they all died..there are only few who have followed Jesus dying to self, flesh, at a very high cost. These are safe in the boat, the ark, only the few😔

Of people walking on the water
coming towards the boat. What
I noticed was they wore raggedy
torn, worn clothes, white but dirty,
very muddied. And as they tried to
walk towards the boat, they were
so faint and wearied they could not
stay atop of the water, they were all
sinking.. In this vision I knew that
Jesus had been calling out to people
to come walk on the water and get
in the boat, but none of them could
make it, and what I saw was there
are just a few, a very, very small few,
that were already in the boat, they
were covered by him and they were
safe…the rest of them tried as storm
started approaching and they all
sank and they drowned.

The ones trying to get into the boat they were not walking by faith, this is the lukewarm christians the Lord showed me, they didn’t believe until they saw the storm, but you see, it was too late, because their faith had not been tested and it had not grown and had not been strengthened so they couldn’t walk on water to get to Jesus, they all drowned with their spotted robes, the lukewarm people have no idea of the reality and the cost… Jesus was calling and hes been calling everyone, come, come follow me, but they won’t let go of the things of this world… they won’t let go of their own beliefs, they won’t let go of the idols in their heart, and they won’t let go of their first loves which are not him😔😔😔😔

Please consider helping Patti Huson

Her family. They have been struggling for sometime privately but things have gotten to the point that they need help and are publicly asking for help.

I have known Patti for some time and she is not one to ever ask for help and does not want to share her struggles publicly so for her to ask for help in this way means that they are not in a good place.

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