Vision: Chased off Cliff by enemy caught by Jesus climb steep hill to portal – Kerry-Ann Gidden

Kerry-Ann Gidden

August 2, 2018

The Lord gave me a night vision on August 2nd 2018. The enemy was chasing me and I came to a dead end at the edge of a cliff. I had no where to run except a full leap off the cliff to my death..

I looked over the cliff and there was a man at the bottom telling me jump and he will catch me. Has the enemy got closer and closer the man at the bottom of the cliff said “jump daughter I will catch you”.

I jump of the the cliff and the man caught me. He looked at me and smile. In the palm of his hands was a little seed and he told me that I was that seed.

He then pointed out a very very steep hill and told me to climb it because when I reach the top the enemy will never try to get me again.

As I walked away from the man I new it was Jesus the Lord. As I looked back at the Lord, he told me once again to go ahead climb the hill you will be safe.

As I looked at the hill in front of me there were people already trying to get to the top. Some was already at the top of the hill. As I begun to climb this hill, I realise the enemy was pulling people down and they had back to square one at the bottom of the hill then they try to climb again.

The hill was very very hard to climb but somehow I made it to the top of the hill. As I looked in front of me I saw what appears to be an opening like a “portal” aka a different dimension world…

I saw a clock and we only had about less than 10 sec to get into this “portal” before it closes. It appears as if angels where guiding us to this portal. My children suddenly appeared and we went in the portal. I was floating at first in this different world but I could see luscious green grass on the other side. The vision ended….


Revelation 12 woman comes to mind. #TEAMJESUS #Prophetess

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  1. Kiam Murdy

    I am facing a timely trouble. I let alcohol and cigarettes and pot back into my life. The enemy is trying to destroy me. I’m tired constantly coffee isn’t working I’m TIRED. What do I do?

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