Vision: Beauty From Ashes – Patti Young

Patti Young

April 26 2018

The Lord gave me a vision this morning.

I saw an outline of a human body. And then I saw it was a shell, it was emptied out of everything that once was inside..I noticed someone, was sweeping out the dust, all that needed to be cleaned. But, as he was sweeping the dust, and as the dust was removed, I noticed the floors, inside this human shell, and they began to shine, as I watched, the inside began to turn into gold, absolutely beautiful stunning gold that lit up the entire inside. In my spirit I knew what God was showing me. In the fires of testing, God has been removing everything inside of his temple, our bodies, that was notof him, burning it in refinement. All that was remaining was a litletter dust, now being swept away by the Holy Spirit. And underneath all the ashes and dust was gold, gold that was refined in Gods furnace of afflictions. God has been preparing his people for His coming❤

Revelation 3:18


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