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Vision About The Wealth Transfer

July 29, 2023 11:15 AM
Victoria Ang


The enemy does not want this to go out!!! I texted up the whole post. Went to send and everything got deleated!!! So had to start all over again!!!!

I wanted to share some encouragement the Lord gave me this morning.
I was woken in the early morning hours as usual to pray ,around 5 AM.
I spent about an hour in prayer, praise and worship. Afterwards I wanted to go back to sleep for a little bit before getting up for the day to tackle tending the animals.
Immediately after prayers I received a vision….
In the VISION I saw I had a check in my hand. I was made known I could cash it. There was a woman standing in front of a register. I handed her the check. As I gave it to her she dropped it on the floor. She bent over to pick the check up to cash it for me.She looked at the check and opened her drawer and pulled out large stacks of bills in piles.Before giving it to me she glanced once again to verify the amount. As she was verifying she put the large piles of money back into the drawer.
She walked over to a HUGE bank vault. She put the combination in and opened the vault. She walked into the vault as I waited to receive my money. Next she came back out pushing an enormously big cart. Full from top to bottom with stacks upon stacks upon stacks of money! She went to give me the money and the vision ended!

This vision is about the wealth transfer. That will soon occur.Money from the evildoers that has been hidden . And those that stashed money away for themselves is about to fall from their hands to the ground.Losing EVERYTHING!
And transferred to Gods righteous ! Blessing them in abundance!!! ❤️🙏🏻🙌🏻😘💕 The Lord, God has made it known to those ,that will receive the funds!

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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