Vision: A Hard Hit On USA Soil (severe) – Kim Weir

Kim Weir

Monday, June 25, 2018

Vision: A Hard Hit On USA Soil (severe)

Today as I’ve prayed and sought the Lord, I have sensed something big is about to happen.

I had a vision that was short but shocking.

I saw something very heavy and solid fall on the land of the USA. I cannot say what it is exactly. It is very heavy and it seems at first we don’t realize how much damage it has done or will do. The blow is very hard. I felt a shudder go through me. I felt death. This is very serious and destructive. I do believe it could be a blow to our economy and a domino affect happens after. I just feel shocked.

I feel great sorrow. I pray for this world. PRAY! PRAY! What comes is the terrible day of the Lord!

Kim Weir at 8:49 PM

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