Vision: A Crown in Jeopardy – Lloyd Acree

Vision: A Crown in Jeopardy

(and, the Oldest Cultivated Tree in Europe)

November 10, 2023 11:02 AM
Lloyd Acree

Today, November 10, 2023 I became burdened with grief from the Lord and began to search the source of it out. What I saw was a series of short visions beginning with the rainbow and Noah’s ark followed by a crown and an apple tree.

The apple tree it turns out is the oldest cultivated tree in Europe. The tree generally symbolizes people, especially great ones, and of course families.

The word must go out then that the Lord is grieved by such members of our world’s leading family(ies) who need to put everything to a stop and fast such as the city of Nineveh’s response to the preaching of Jonah.

I believe the Lord first showed me the rainbow and ark because He wanted to clarify that He is providing hope for the remnant as He always has, and yet the scale of repercussions and judgment will be staggering, beyond comparison.

I believe the oldest family in Europe would be the Carolingian line, and the felling of Britain’s iconic Sycamore Gap tree last month further serves to raise the alarm as a sign of our time.

Now is not a time to be complacent about the fear of the Lord or to be ignoring the prophets.

Repent and share the Word with everyone you can: get right with God so that you will have a storage of righteousness and favor with Him before the time of darkness overtakes the earth.

Lloyd Acree


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