Vision #77: The Final Battle – Sharlene R

Vision #77: The Final Battle – Sharlene R

05/30/18 wed evg

After my time of worship in the Throne Room, I walked once again to Jesus standing in the area beyond the huge stage of where His Mercy Seat is. I have not been shown what is between that and the 3 steps I go down. So I have no idea how long it takes me to get to Him or what I pass by on the way. Once again I will keep that visit private. One thing I will share with you is that Jesus is growing me and pruning me; more like refining. He’s been asking me to be obedient in certain areas in my life. It’s important to be obedient! I went to the vision area in my usual routine. Not sure how I got to the top of the stairs but everything is the same. After greeting my friend and joined the others I looked at the screen.

The vision opened to a dark oval shaped swirling cloud as if a tornado was forming. It was on my right side taking up half the screen and my perspective was in the air; the height about where those big white summer clouds are. This cloud was huge, black and dark grey in colour. But as it was swirling, I realized that is was alive! That’s no cloud! I saw what appeared to be millions of evil entities flying, swirling and I understood that it was evil that was that had formed that cloud. I was at a distance in order to be able to see it all. Some of the evil beings were beginning to come out of the formation in legions as if readying for battle. Then to my left I saw the clouds part and brilliant bright white light poured through an opening. Out came millions of angels. They had their swords drawn. Leading them was a large angel- who I knew was Michael and when he reached the middle of the screen, met a huge black dragon and began battling. It was quite a sight to behold! It’s like something out of a fantasy movie. I wish I could draw it all. I understood they were above the land of Israel although the land below was not very clear but I did see hills and a little bit of green. I also understood that at any second, Jesus would come through that opening with all the saints to battle. I did see the beginning of a white horse with Jesus with sitting on it, wearing His crown in the opening but He was very small with my perspective as the entire vision was at such a distance so I could see it all! I know I’ve seen something like this in a previous vision I had but this was more of how the good and evil come together before Jesus returns. I understood that this is the final battle. Wow! Jesus then said: “Repent! Be ready for I am coming soon!”


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