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Vision #71 – The Wave – Sharlene R

Sharlene R

Vision #71 – The Wave

05/15/18 Tues

I was worshiping God in a different area. My perspective was mostly the floor but I could see veiled pillars ahead and to my right. It’s like looking through a fog. I asked if there was a vision to view. I went to the vision area but I’m unsure how I got there.

It opened up to see a very large wave with a barge type ship facing it. My perspective was the side of the wave which was moving to my right. Its bow was facing the wave to my left and almost on top of the wave. I understood that it didn’t capsize. The wave was gaining height and was moving faster towards a shore. My perspective changed mid air and I was seeing a beach with many different heights of buildings. I saw the massive wave hit the shore with force and move inland. It didn’t cover the taller buildings. I understood it was a tsunami wave and it hit a famous and populated island. I recognized one of the hotels. Sigh. I understood it’s one of the Hawaiian islands and Jesus will allow the wave to hit because they need to repent of their idolatry and turn to the One and only God. The Lord is shaking the world! Wake up!


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