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Vision #50 & #51: Trump…To Be Or Not To Be – Sharlene R

Sharlene R

Vision #51 – Trump…Or Not to Be?

Mar 31/18 evg

After a good time praying and spending time in my garden with Jesus, I understood that Trump is not dead in vision #50. Jesus says the prayers of the people change outcomes. Keep praying for him. I have peace about that.

From there I went to the Throne Room and walked to the vision area. Greeted my friend and the others in the area in the name of Jesus. I still can’t see any faces clearly.

The vision opened up to see President Trump wearing a dark suit walking down the hallway of the hospital I had just previously seen in my last vision- #50. My perspective was different as I was in the foreground at the 5 o’clock position and he was walking out of the room on my left at the 11 o’clock position and down the hallway as if towards me. He proceeded to an exit at the end of the hallway, and walked down a few flights of stairs. There was a large black car waiting for him as he exited the building. It looked like a dignitary car. In the back seat of the car was also Vice President Mike Pence. Trump says: “What’s the next order of business?” The car drove down a highway and drives up to the White House and goes through the front gate, completely surprising the guard. There’s something really off with the guards reaction- not just that he wasn’t expecting the President but that fact that the President was alive. The scene changes and his family meet him on the lawn in front and there are hugs all around. The White House is in a tizzy. People are dashing and running. There is a person standing in a window, not too happy about what they see. Not sure who it is but a woman comes to mind. I’ll refrain from mentioning her name as I wasn’t 100% sure and Jesus didn’t confirm her identity.

Vision #50 – Trump…To Be?


This is a strange vision. I was in the Throne Room and went to the vision area as always, greeting my friend and others from the area but not seeing clearly any faces.

The vision opened up to President Trump lying a hospital bed and it looked like he had been shot in the head just above his right eyebrow in his forehead. There was blood around the hole. He appeared dead. Then he sat up and I heard him say something like “They think I’m dead, but I’m very much alive!” The picture changed and I saw him standing by the bed wearing a dark suit and then turn to walk out of the room and down the hallway. My perspective was me standing in the room at the 5 o’clock position while his back was to me as he walked away. I asked Jesus what was going on here, as I was baffled. I was wondering if the administration foiled an assassination attempt? I think I understood that he doesn’t die and that it was a set up. I am not at peace with this. It is so terribly strange. I am not understanding it as it appears he is dead but his response says otherwise. I will pray for confirmation and more understanding. I know it is connected with vision #40 (see Vision 51 for clarity)


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