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Vision #44 – Giants will Terrorize the Earth…again ! – Sharlene R.

By Sharlene R.

Vision #44 – Giants will Terrorize the Earth…again

03/18/18 evg

I was spending time with God in worship and prayer. I don’t have a path from this area to the Throne Room. I’m just in the Throne Room after my time with Him. I went my usual path from there, down the stairs and to the vision area. My friend was waiting for me in the back as always. We greeted each other and turned to look at the screen. This is a strange vision. I don’t even know if I want to write about it as it seems so far-fetched and unbelievable.

The scene opened up with people looking up and running trying to flee from something. I felt the ground shake as this thing stepped and came closer. I then saw what appeared to be a giant! It stepped over people and on them! I could hear them screaming! I was looking at a forest or maybe a park? I saw tall green-leaved trees as it was summer. Then I heard a voice clearly saying “As in the days of Noah.” I understood it was Jesus. I looked to my right and saw military vehicles, helicopters and soldiers negotiating with commanders a plan to trap it. The scene changed to a clearing. It definitely looked like a park. I saw the area surrounded with military as if to trap him and take the giant down. He was now walking at the edge of the tree line furthest away from the clearing in the foreground of my view. I figured he may have been 50’ or more, was muscular; having a thick body, thick legs, thick arms and had tight fitted ancient looking armour on. It looked dark brown or black. He reminded me of Goliath from a previous vision but much much bigger. His hair was dark reddish and he had a beard. I could still feel the ground slightly shaking with each of his steps. He wasn’t agile and appeared kind of clumsy. The military then fired on him and I saw him fall in front of me (I was standing on the ground) onto his back with a huge thud. The ground really shook when he landed! His head was close to me at my 7 o’clock with his feet at my 2 o’clock. His head turned to his right side, I saw his tongue stick out of his mouth and I heard his last breath as he died. The whole vision reminded me of the Hulk movie when the army went after him but this giant wasn’t green or as big as the Hulk but the military sure went after it aggressively. It didn’t seem that difficult to shoot him down. I don’t understand why I would see another vision about the giants. I understood that they can be defeated and are related to the nephilim. They are not a conspiracy theory but are actual and real. But it sure was a weird vision.

Hope note – Sharlene and I discussed this vision a little bit. We were both reminded of the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and how the giant wanted to eat Jack….just like nephilim did in the days before the flood. I was also reminded of Gulliver’s Travels and King Kong and the Jolly Green Giant food brand (talk about irony!). We know that the enemy hides things in plain site. Before you roll your eyes at the impossibility of this vision…let’s see what happened in the Bible.

There we saw the giants (the descendants of Anak came from the giants); and we were likegrasshoppers in our own sight, and so we were in their sight.” Numbers 13:33

It seems that Sharlene did feel as small as a grasshopper in sight of this giant! If you have read or listened to L.A. Marzulli or Steve Quayle then you know that giants do indeed exist, and in fact our military has already encountered them in caves, but those giants were much smaller. It’s very possible that there are bigger giants in stasis under the ground, in the hollow earth. I’ve learned this through my research…another good Christian viewpoint comes from Justin Faull.

The Book of Enoch speaks of those that are under the earth for 70 generations and we also know that Revelation speaks of those who are released from the pit. Are they 50 feet tall? All we know is what Sharlene has seen and heard…what was in the days of Noah? Who built the pyramids and carved outthese steps to the right?

Those who viewed humans like grasshoppers, that’s who!

(notice the tiny human steps to the left of the giant steps!)


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