Vision #43 – A Call to Be Ready – Sharlene R.

By Sharlene R.

Vision #43 – A Call to Be Ready


I saw a huge angel standing outside the temple gate in heaven. It is the same temple gate I walk into on my way into the Throne Room. He was standing to the right side of the gate and must have been incredibly tall because his feet dwarfed me. He was blowing a very long, bright silver trumpet. The sound was long blast, using only one note. He was wearing a long white robe that went to his ankles. There was a gold sash around his waist and his sandals were gold as well. His wings were not out but tucked in behind him so to speak, and the tips of them just behind and above his head. He wore no armour and reminded me of a messenger. I noticed that his hair was blonde! The picture changed to this angel in space with the earth below and the blast was blowing from space and the earth was receiving it. I understood it was a call to warn. I had to ask for confirmation about this and have peace about 1 Cor 14:8. A warning of what it to come and to be ready to battle spiritually.

I would also like to describe the area where the angel stood a little more. Where the angel stood is on the top of the stairs that I go up on my way to the Throne Room and to my right. He stands near a half wall facing me. The area is very expanse. I’ve seen me there and I’m tiny like a large insect. I have seen a similar angel there several times where the huge one was blowing the silver trumpet but the other is smaller in stature, maybe 7-8’ and usually blows a rams horn to call for worship. When I walk through the temple gate, I pass by 2 giant pillars. They are incredibly high and I can’t measure them; much the same height as the pillars in the vision room area. I have looked to my left to see a valley below with green possibly grass and a river flowing through it but much of it is veiled. I have seen some to the right but most of that part of heaven is veiled to me.

(after reading Number 10:10) It seems that one blast is a call to assemble and to set out. Which for me translates to: Be ready to go. Be prepared to go out. Be spiritually prepared why? A warning to be prepared. This just reminded about word given to me a couple of months ago : a warrior angel told my cousin to tell me “do not forget what I know” As if to remind me that i’m being prepared emotionally, spiritually and with knowledge/wisdom for what is to come. We are all being called to repentance, a warning to return to the Lord and be prepared spiritually, emotionally and probably physically for what is to come.


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