Vision #41 – Unpredictable Weather – Sharlene R.

By Sharlene R.

Vision #41 – Unpredictable Weather

03/13/18 am

This is a difficult vision.

I am experiencing a different path to the vision area this am. I had been spending time with God and decided to go and see if there was another vision. I found myself walking towards the vision area but I was walking in the area that I usually see from the top of the stairs! I was walking by the large white pillars to my right which dwarfed me and the area was open as it was of great expanse. I could see the stairs that I usually go down from the Throne Room to my 2’oclock . I saw the staircase meet the floor below as I walked closer and they widened at the bottom and seemed to curl outward. There were a couple of saints in white robes as I walked by but I saw no faces. Everything was a bright white and looked like marble. I met and greeted my friend in the back of the group with the Believers/saints and we turned to view the screen.

The vision opened to a storm over an ocean. The waves were huge, the clouds were dark but I understood it was daytime. There was a lot of lightening striking the ocean straight down repeatedly in the near distance. It was very windy. I was wondering if it was a hurricane. My perspective was mid air looking downwards. Then a white ship came into view from my right- a cruise ship. My perspective changed to a higher position in the air looking at the ship and I could see that it was struggling with the waves which dwarfed it. Then I saw it capsize! I understood they will all perish! Then the scene changed and I saw a picture of the Caribbean. I understood that the storm was unpredicted and came fast and hard. Jesus mentioned that “I am shaking the world with unpredictable weather to warn the people to repent and be reconciled to Me. It is not climate change! I am in control of the weather. Repent and return to Me.” I asked Jesus when this event will occur and He said “Very soon.”


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