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Vision #40 – Trump Followup – Sharlene R

By Sharlene R

Vision #40 – Trump Followup

03/11/18 Sun evg

From the Throne Room I went my usual path to view the visions. It opened up to what I thought may be an explosion in the sky; possibly some kind of solar or cosmic event? I saw many massive flares bursting outward all around which might have been from the sun? I didn’t get confirmation on that. I’m wondering if this event occurs before that.

I’m about to see. The picture changed to a hospital scene. It was evening and the sun was beginning to set. I saw black figures propelling themselves from the top down the side of what looked like a red or brown bricked hospital building. Maybe 3 figures. I understood they are assassins. The scene reminded me of a action/military movie. Then swat teams shows up and ran into the building at the ER entrance which is to my lower right (5 o’clock position). I am mid air looking at the hospital and in order to see most of the building I have to see it from a bit of a distance. The scene changes to the President in a hospital bed and the room is well guarded; there are people; agents, staff, military in and out of the room- they are everywhere! It appears there is chaos and confusion in the hospital after the swat teams burst on the scene. I understood that this is created as part of the deception as there are still plans for another assassination attempt of the President’s life. Someone betrays Trump from within the military. I see someone dressed in dark military garb at the end of a hallway of the hospital talking to someone by an exit door to the stairs. There is smoke or fog in the hallway- maybe tear gas? Jesus says that “We need to continue to pray for his (Trump’s) protection.” This vision is related to the vision #29 Feb 17/18.

Vision #29 – The Shot heard Round the World

02/17/18 Late evg.

The Vision Room – After the Throne Room time, I am aware that Jesus is there to let me know there is another vision to view. Going down the staircase, I look to my left this time I could see an expanse open area, more than I ever saw before. I also saw a couple more gigantic white pillars in the distance which are in a row but spaced far apart. The floor is beautiful as it appears white, pearly-gold and it shimmered. (it’s difficult to describe) and I know I see it because of God’s glory who is the source of the light. As I’m looking and still walking down the grand staircase, I can see a few saints, I’d say less than 5, wearing white robes that are dwarfed by the pillar I have often seen in the foreground to my left about my 9 o’clock as they walk by towards the vision area. The grand open area reminds me of a beautiful ball room but 10x the size. The vision room area has other Believers/saints who remain veiled but I believe they are wearing robes. My friend is there too in the back waiting for me. We turn to face the screen.

Trump – It opens with seeing a beautiful waterfall. Then the scene changed to show President Donald Trump speaking behind a podium on a stage as he is addressing some kind of outdoor function. He is wearing a suit. His wife is behind him sitting to his left (wearing high heeled shoes. I’m not sure why I saw that) with what looks like many possible dignitaries or agents that protect him. It is breezy as I see his hair tussled by the wind. Suddenly I see The President get shot! It looks like he’s hit in the right side of his chest/shoulder area possibly. It was hard to tell. It happened so fast. The view changed to me seeing a side view of the stage to Trump’s left, and watching him fall to the ground. There is screaming, and running and people are moving fast as I see agents immediately surround him. There are also people surrounding the President’s wife. There is chaos and screaming as people are running looking for cover. I didn’t see another shot. There was only one. I asked Jesus if the President dies and He replied “No” but then He said to “Pray for his protection.” My understanding is that there is a planning for an attempt on his life and we need to pray for Trump’s protection. Prayer changes outcomes. Also Jesus didn’t clarify what the waterfall has to do with the President’s attempt on his life. Please cover your president with prayer!


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