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Vision #39 – We have been Deceived! – Sharlene R.

By Sharlene R.

Vision #39 – March 9/18 a.m

My vision was very short (Sharlene is on vacation). I wasn’t much in the Throne Room as I had been spending time with God in the very veiled Shekinah glory. I went to the vision area and greeted my friend and looked at the screen. It opened up to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sitting over a desk in an office in grief. His right elbow was on the desk and his hand was on his forehead. He was clearly upset. Then he spoke “We have been deceived!” Then he began praying in Hebrew and I heard him say “Adonai.” I understood he was calling for help.

The scene changed as I was looking over a highway in Israel as if in a helicopter perspective. The highway was packed. It looked like people were fleeing south. There was chaos.

Hope note – I originally felt this deceiver was enemies of the state of Israel. I emailed my thoughts to Sharlene and she said, ” My understanding in the vision is that the deception is due with the antichrist.” Glad we cleared that up!


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