Vision #357 – Sharlene Reimer

The Golden Boy (official name: Eternal Youth and the Spirit of Enterprise)[1][2] is a northward-facing statue perched on the dome of the Manitoba Legislative Building in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Arguably the province's best-known symbol,[3] the statue was modeled after the Roman god Mercury (Greek: Hermes) and is meant to represent the prosperity and entrepreneurial spirit of Manitoba

Vision #357

Demonic Battle Rages At Battle For Canada- Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada/ Manitoba Legislative Golden Boy Topples/Masonic Works Of The Manitoba Legislative Building

June 8, 2022 11:22 AM
Sharlene Reimer

June 6/22 mon evg

I was worshiping the Lord Jesus in His Throne Room. This evg I sang and flagged to Joshua Aaron’s How Great is Our God and Kari Jobe Let the Light In

I began to pray. When I went to proclaim Ps 91, I saw myself standing on the path without my horse. It seems I couldn’t find it. A warrior was galloping towards me to help. He stopped beside me, offered me his hand and he pulled me up onto his horse. He brought me to my horse which seemed hidden in the trees by the stream. (I understood that the enemy had hidden it to sabotage me). I quickly got onto my horse and galloped to join the others who were rushing to the mountain. There was such an air of urgency. I was wondering what was going on! We began to climb up and I noticed a barrage of demons attacking the warriors. I saw the angels fighting for us as we climbed. I got a closer look at me from behind and noticed that I carried a bow and a quiver of arrows in a pack resting on my back. I saw myself stop and begin to shoot at the enemy using my bow and arrows. When I hit a demon, it screamed as it was on fire. Praise God for helping us hit the mark! I felt there was no time to waste. We made it up to the top, rushed to find our eagles and off we went. I proclaimed the Psalm and came to a place that I recognized as Shaw Park in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada. (Winnipeg is in the centre of Canada.) I saw a battle raging as it was covered with demons fighting with the angels. This July 2-3/22 at Shaw Park, intercessors/Believers from across the nation will converge there to intercede for the city and province. It is a time of worship, repentance, taking back territory- closing demonic doors and a call to God for revival. The enemy will do everything they can to stop it. Now I understand why there is such an urgency to go; the event is less than a month away. Our prayers matter. Intercession, which battles in the spiritual realm, must continue for this place. Please keep this event in your prayers and those that are travelling to participate. Bless the city! Thank you.

I returned to the white bench and asked Jesus about the battle. The Lord Jesus then showed me a couple of the larger principalities of the area with the subordinate entities under them. A different picture came as He revealed His Shekinah glory light piercing the darkness/enemy which appeared as dark clouds over and surrounding the stadium. Praise God! He is our Champion and will fight for us! But the enemy won’t give up without a fight and that’s why intercession is so important! Pray for protection for those who are using strategic keys to close the doors of the enemy and for the entire event. God be praised.

Ps18:13-14: “The Lord thundered from heaven; the voice of the Most High resounded. He shot His arrows and scattered the enemy, with great bolts of lightning He routed them.” Amen!

I left the area, went down the stairs, greeted my greeter group and walked over to the area where the others had already gathered. The screen opened up to see the golden boy which stands on top of the Manitoba Legislature building in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Then I saw it become unsteady and topple from its place of prominence.

I understood that the toppling of the golden boy represents change: of spiritual authority and physical authority to the government. The golden boy represents the messenger god of ungodly knowledge which is to be passed on as well as eternal youth, the entrepreneurial spirit and prosperity. Almighty God is the only God, there is no other. He is the author of all governments and He raises up and He takes down. God is the author of all knowledge and wisdom and it can be found only in and through Him. In Him is eternal youth- everlasting life through Jesus/Yeshua Messiah and no other. He is the source of all blessings. God is going to remove what keeps the golden boy prominent. Is 45:5, Dan 2:21, James 1:5 Ps 75:7, Prov 2:6, John 14:6, James 1:17 What is the message?

Jesus said, “I Am coming to change this government. For too long the enemy has oppressed the people with their secret power. They pride themselves in it! But their power is nothing to Me. I laugh at them! I can destroy them just with a little puff of My breath! They will fall and bow before Me. I AM the Lord. I Am the only One with power.” Heb 4:13 says “Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of Whom we all have to give an account.” “…That at the name of Jesus, every knee will bow in heaven, on earth and under the earth and every tongue will acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father.” Phil 2:10-11

The golden boy was modeled after a 15th century statue of the god Hermes, the Greek messenger of the gods. It was the author of writings of astrology and alchemy – which goes into the study of chemistry and magic leading to sorcery and witchcraft. The messenger god “…was revered for the invention of everything related to the human intellect and for preserving its knowledge of the mason’s craft and transmitting it to humankind.”(Professor Frank Albo). This is essentially what the fallen angels did in the beginning by corrupting and deceiving mankind with their heavenly wisdom and intellect so people would rebel against God. The demons are still at it. The entire Manitoba Legislative Building was designed by a Freemason with Masonic symbolism incorporated into it. And in my opinion, was created for the sole purpose to preserve the Masonic (demonic) knowledge and intellect for the future generations. It is also a demonic portal; the Freemasons seek knowledge through demonic means, which is divination. It is full of evil. I believe the building is also a type of Masonic temple. I tried to tour it once but the demonic presence was so strong, I felt like throwing up the entire time.

More info:

The golden boy holds a sheath of wheat in its left arm and a torch in the right hand symbolizing Manitoba prosperity and its entrepreneurial spirit. It is set in bronze and covered in 24 karat gold.

The entrance in the building is exactly 66.6’ wide and 66.6’ long. (666)

The 3 flights of steps to the second floor are made each of 13 steps. #13 represents rebellion and lawlessness

The “protectors” of the room are Medusa, the marine spirit and Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom and war

There are 2 Egyptian sphynx to welcome the sun god ra.

There are goat legs and feet on the bottom of furniture which represents baphomet or lucifer

The rotunda room has a hole or wheel in its centre. It is a perfect circle. Its baluster’s shape and dimensions were created to resemble the altars of the underworld deities. The entire floor is considered a Greek key. (to a demonic door or aka a portal)

The pool of the black star is located on the bottom floor and is considered the mystical heart of the building. It can be seen by gazing through the balustrade. By standing in the middle of the star, it “whispers and amplifies into all the branches of government.” (Prof. Frank Albo) And using certain intervals can call on “divine powers.” Professor Frank Albo tour of the Manitoba Legislative Building

Freemasons are really rebelling against God and His will. They are steeped in occult worship and mysticism. In 1 Sam 15:23, “For rebellion is like the sin of divination, and arrogance like the evil of idolatry. Because you have rejected the word of the LORD, he has rejected you as king.” Divination is the practice of seeking knowledge through demonic means.

I listened to the testimony of an ex-master mason. He said that he was invited by a fellow police officer to learn more about biblical teaching and doing good things for the community. This is a front. After participating in the rituals at the level he was at, which included baptism in a cast iron tub of blood (a mockery of biblical baptism) by the grace of God, he finally woke up and left. (testimony of Ex-master mason (the original was removed)

Be careful and watchful that you don’t fall for false philosophy that at first seems good and trustworthy. Test the spirits and compare their beliefs with the Word of God. If it doesn’t line up, pitch it into the garbage.

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