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Vision #347 – Sharlene Reimer

Vision #347

Living Water Flowing From The Temple Of God/God’s Reassurance Of Trump’s Return

March 16, 2022 5:17 PM
Sharlene Reimer

Mar 14/22 Mon evg

Today I was flagging to worship before the Lord Jesus in the Throne Room. I noticed other flaggers with me and they had different colours of flags. We flagged/danced to Gratitude by Brandon Lake and I Exalt Thee by Kim Walker Smith. When I was finished, I prostrated myself before the Lord as I felt this is what I needed to do while in His Presence. I did this for a few min. I got up and began to pray from Ps 146, inserting the church, nations and people as I read it out loud. I continued to pray for particular issues. When I came to proclaim Ps 91, I saw the group of warriors and their white horses by a clear stream of water lined with trees on either side. I noticed the horses drinking from it but understood that the warriors had refreshed themselves in the stream as well. I walked up to them and I sat on a rock by the stream. Others were sitting as well and we began to sing. It’s unfortunate that I couldn’t hear the song that was sung. After a time of encouragement, I saw myself laying hands on a warrior to strengthen, impart something and bless. It was a beautiful time of fellowship. We mounted our horses and rode to the base of the mountain. I noticed as we climbed, one of the warriors slipped and was sliding a little. Another warrior close by came to the rescue and helped him/her up.

We got to the top, got on our eagles and flew off together while I was proclaiming Ps 91. I noticed we were flying higher and higher into the sky. I then saw in the near distance a mountain that was in the middle surrounded by other mountains. But the mountain in the middle was higher and the top quarter of it was covered in thick clouds. I have seen this mountain before in personal visions in my quiet time with the Lord. We flew through the clouds and as they cleared, I saw the temple of God. From the bottom of the temple I saw crystal clear water cascading down the side of the mountain and flow into a river below. (Seen in previous vision #286.) Then my perspective changed and I saw the river that began from the temple, flow out in front of me and eventually branch off to the right and left forming tributaries. From this perspective, I could see the river continuing as far as the eyes could see. I noticed beautiful trees that lined each side of the river and Jesus was walking on a path next to it. I noticed a couple of mountains to the left of the river which reminded me of previous vision #286. Then the scene changed and my perspective was only of three silver trumpets. I heard them being blown in three part harmony like in vision #345. The sound went out powerfully and I understood it was reaching the earth.

Back at the white bench, I asked Jesus about what I had all seen. It was a lot! Jesus spoke and said, “Come, all who are thirsty- drink from My Living Water and you will no longer thirst. I Am the Living Water. Drink from Me and you will have the water that leads to eternal life.” He went on to say, “I Am the only way. Drink deeply from Me; from My wells of salvation. Meet Me in My Word and know My heart for you. Meet Me in worship and in prayer. I desire relationship with you that is beyond theology. Come, seek Me and find Me with all your heart. I will be found!”

I understood that the trumpets are releasing the sounds of heaven to wake up the people on earth, to wake up the church to be reconciled with God.

I asked Jesus if this is the mountain of God that is in the northern part of heaven which is mentioned in Is 14:13 and Jesus replied, “Yes, daughter.”

Scripture: Is 12:3,Rev 21:6-7, Zech 14:8-9, Ezek 47:1-12 Rev 22:1-2 Joel 3:18

Prayer: I declare, let the sound of heaven come forth over the earth and wake up the people in Jesus name! Let the ears open up and sound be heard in Jesus name. Let the scales fall from the eyes so they may see in Jesus name. Let all the thirsty drink from the Living Water. May they know the heart of Jesus Christ, Messiah and be reconciled to Him in Jesus name. Let revival come and the church be changed. Let the Bride of Christ rise! Let what we have seen and heard in the spiritual come about in the natural in Jesus name. Amen

I went down the stairs, greeted my greeter group and walked over to the area where the others had already gathered. The screen opened up to see the familiar buildings of the White House and the US Capitol in Washington, DC. Then my perspective changed and I saw Trump sitting in the Oval Office. He raised his arms up in the air and said, “It’s good to be back. Let’s make America great again.” Then I saw him signing documents; one after another. He was surrounded by other governmental dignitaries but their faces were not revealed to me. They were all in support of his action.

Regarding Trump’s return, I heard Jesus say, “It’s almost done, daughter. Continue to trust in My timing.”

I continue to pray for his return and hope you are too. Don’t give up. You may not agree with everything he says and does but God is still going to use him.

Something I’ve discovered regarding the Jewish calendar, March 2022 is the second month of Adar- Adar ll (Feb was Adar 1) This year the Jewish calendar has 13 months. Passover is in April, not March of this year. So I guess, that changes “the end of the year” that Jesus said Trump would be returning. I’m ready for this to be done! sigh



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