Vision #278 – Sharlene Reimer

Vision #278

April 21, 2021 2:01 PM
Sharlene Reimer
The 4 Pictures: Trump in Oval Office, Map of Israel, PM Netanyahu and the Antichirst/Ministering to an Indian on a E-Rickshaw/Jesus Scar on His Hand

Apr 20/21 Tues evg

I was worshiping the Lord Jesus in His Throne Room as I always do. I sang a variety of songs. I noticed when I sang the Sunday school songs, there were three children in a choir facing me performing the actions. I have often seen a choir behind the area where Jesus is standing. In past praise and worship times, I have also seen my mom singing in this vast choir. I began to pray, and when I came to the mountain, it was a sheer wall of rock. I looked to my right and saw many other warriors in their armour too looking for a place to climb up. I remembered Jesus’ words to “look for another way” so I went again to my right with the others and together we climbed up the mountain. I saw my eagle flying around at the top waiting for me. I went off with him when I reached the top while proclaiming Ps 91.

I found myself looking at a busy street with a lot of traffic but the transportation was different than what I would see in Canada or NA. There was a man riding on a bike type vehicle. It had 3 wheels. Later I discovered that it’s called an E-Rickshaw. (I found a picture on the internet to show you exactly what I saw) The man had black hair, darker skin and was wearing a white tunic of some kind. He was very preoccupied so to get his attention I thought of the song and sang: “Stop! and let me tell you what the Lord has done for me.” ( found a song on youtube if you’re interested) I saw him pull over and put his head down. I spoke of the love of Christ and encouraged him. Then I saw Jesus on the man’s left touching his shoulder and speaking to him. Then I saw this man get off his bike and began talking to someone as if explaining something incredible. While he was speaking, his hands and arms were moving as if he had a lot to say. I blessed him before I left.

Back at the white bench, I asked about the man on the bike type vehicle. Jesus said that He would speak to him.  I understood he is a man from India.

I asked Jesus if I could see His hand. (I have asked several times before but Jesus hasn’t shown me a close up. Today He did!  He showed me His left hand and I saw the scar where the nail went. I stroked it with my finger and cried. It was an intimate moment and I am grateful. Thank you Jesus.

I went to see a vision. I greeted my greeter group that seemed to all be there this time and we walked over to the area where the others have already gathered. It opened up to see 4 pictures in a row. To my left, the first picture, was Trump sitting behind his desk in the Oval Office. Next to that picture was a map of Israel. The third picture was of PM Netanyahu and the last one was a man with a blurred face, wearing a suit and standing at some kind of podium speaking. Then I heard God’s voice say: “It’s time.” And I asked: time for what?  He didn’t respond right away. So I asked about the pictures. I understood that this is about the future deal that involves President Trump and Israel.  Netanyahu will remain PM. The blurred face is the rising antichrist. He is involved with the deal but not yet as the antichrist. I understood that his face is blurred as it is not our time to know his identity yet. He speaks and people listen. Also this is about the coming unfortunate deception of Israel and consequently, Jacob’s trouble. I have had many previous visions about this deal and the coming deception, rising of the AC, War on Israel which will usher in the AC (Deal- #8+#9,#86,#107,#147,#176) Rising of the AC-#11,#15,#27,#53,#59,#251, Short War in Israel that ushers in AC- #117,#122,#162,#173,#247  AC In the 3rd temple #11, #230, Netanyahu realizes deception #39, #230  Jacob’s Trouble-#10,#39,#79,#97

God said: “It’s time.” What does that mean? What is the message? He said:

“The time has come and things will never be the same. Very soon Israel will burn and the antichrist will be set up. The time of Jacob’s trouble is almost here. The antichrist is rising. Soon the deal will come that will affect My inheritance. They will be deceived and trouble will fall upon them like they have never experienced before and they will flee.  Many nations will abandon them. This must happen to bring them back to Me.”

This grieves me. I can’t help but think of Archangel Michael and all the angels who will have to stand down and watch this as they will not be allowed to interfere. Continue to pray for Israel!

Scriptures: Jer 30:3,7 Jer 30:1-24 Dan 12:1 Dan 7:25 Matt 24:21-22, Matt 24:15-17

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