Vision #251: Rising of the antichrist and Agendas/Declaring Protection Over the USA Postal Service During the Election./Council of God and Prophet Sadhu – Sharlene Reimer

Rising of the antichrist and Agendas/Declaring Protection Over the USA Postal Service During the Election./Council of God and Prophet Sadhu

Vision #251

October 21, 2020
Sharlene Reimer

Oct 20/20 Tues afternoon

Sorry, this is a long one. Please be patient when you read it!

I was praising and worshiping Jesus in the Throne Room as I always do. Today one of the songs I sang was an oldie by Petra- More Power To Ya. (kind of dates me but the words are so precious) Jesus gave it to me yesterday as a source of encouragement and strength to me as recently I am undergoing persecution. The lines “Jesus promised His disciples He’d give strength to them. Jesus told them all to tarry in Jerusalem. When they were all in one accord, the power of His Spirit poured and they began to turn the world around….So be strong in the Lord and in the power of His Might. Put on all His armour and fight the good fight. In all of our weaknesses, He becomes so strong… He gives us the power and strength to carry on.” May this song encourage you as you remember His promises.

I began to pray and when I came to the part of proclaiming Ps 91, I went up the mountain, met my eagle at the top and together we went. I found myself looking at a woman in a postal service room sorting mail. She was wearing a uniform and gloves while processing mail passing in front of her on a conveyor belt. I didn’t see her take anything but Jesus told me to declare over the USA postal system because it is under attack to commit fraud. So I called for the angels of heaven to help and declared protection over the USA postal service in Jesus name! I also declared conviction over those who are trying to thwart the votes and return to righteousness. I asked God to release a stop to the mail fraud, and allow the votes to be safe in Jesus name. Father God, please make right what the enemy’s intentions are to thwart. In Jesus name.

Back at the white bench, Jesus encouraged the Believers to pray against mail fraud. Jesus then told me to go to the Council of God room. I was a little apprehensive to go there. But I took my regular route; I went down the stairs and met my greeter group who accompanied me for support. We walked past the vision area and down a corridor where the room is on my left.

I walked in the room and saw the national prophet Sadhu (you can’t miss his orange garb) talking with what I understood is a prophet of old. He was wearing a white shimmering robe and had a long beard. I had no idea who he was nor could I hear what they were saying. But Jesus allowed me to hear what Prophet Sadhu had to say to me. I asked him if it was still the plan that Trump remain in office? And prophet Sadhu replied: “Yes. Trump will be reelected but this nation will experience much hardship and strife because of it. There will be protests, rebellions and trouble. The army may have to get involved. Pray that the church will wake up and pray!” Jesus was waiting for me outside the door as I was leaving. And as we walked back to the vision area, I asked Him if He could confirm what I heard was truth. Jesus said: “It is true, daughter.” Ok! (I’ve had several visions of prophet Sadhu #181,182,201,222)

I went to the vision area where the others had already gathered and looked at the screen. It opened up to see Hitler addressing a huge outdoor crowd from a platform. Then I saw streets lined with cheering people and many soldiers marching by Hitler. It was like a scene out of a vintage news clip or documentary. Then my perspective changed and I saw the seat of satan- aka the pergamon altar which is in Berlin. I have had other visions regarding this altar (#15,27,61), and the rising of the antichrist (#9, 11,15,27,39,53,59,60,61,86,107,117,176,198,228,230,231,251) whose identity has not been revealed to me but those under him; the beast: Obama (#27,59,60,61,107,228,231,243) and the false prophet: Pope Francis (#60,107) have been. I understood that Hitler represents the rise and power of the coming end times antichrist who comes against God’s church and His inheritance. But unlike Hitler, the antichrist will be an attractive and convincing speaker. I asked Jesus if the antichrist is from Germany and He said: “No.” But he is from Europe? And Jesus replied: “Yes.” I also understood that like Hitler, there are deceptive agendas that Jesus wanted to warn us about that are already at work; conspiracy theories that are becoming reality. The use of future vaccinations is something to keep in mind. Jesus said “They are dangerous. Do not take them.” The use of manipulated viruses that will kill many people globally is part of the population control agenda. There is a push towards one world religion, which has nothing to do with Jesus Christ and His redemptive hope. Also the lie from the false prophet that “all paths lead to God” is sadly being embraced by many and even Believers are being led astray with that false teaching. There are other categories but these are a few that were presented to me today.

What is the message? Jesus said:”Stay in My Word. When you are in My Word, you will be able to discern what is truth and what are lies. Staying in My Word reminds you of My promises to you so when difficulty comes, you will not become fearful and be able to stand firm. And remember, I have overcome the world.”


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