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Video: Prophetic Dream of The Lake of Fire and Horrific Screams in Hell – Monique Bizet

Monique Bizet

March 26, 2019 6:35 AM

I had a dream about the lake of fire and the screams of people in hell. I share my dream and message here

This is a prophetic dream the Lord showed me of the Lake of Fire and the loud horrific screams taking place right now in hell. The Lord Jesus Christ is calling us to repent and surrender our lives to Him. [Jhn 3:3] Jesus answered and said to him, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”


Sister Monique

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    There’s no video.

  2. Rita

    Here’s a video from Rod, whom God had given him a dream of himself standing in line at the
    Great White Throne of Judgement


  3. Greg

    At the end of time the molten lava rich is sulfur and brimstone beneath earth’s crust heats up 7 times hotter in 7 days time swallowing it up- the entire earth being on fire melting all periodic elements. The wicked are cast into that molten lake of lava and brimstone but because of the time stoopage (“time is no longer with the 7th trumpet”) it perceptially seems as though they are there for a forever time period but it really lasts but a very short time of physical death. The earth cools back down to form a new earth level in topography without water as once known (no more sea) and the groom 144 and bride 1600 who was hid in the bosom of the Father comes back down out of heaven (Not the old heavens which passed away but Heaven itself) to inhabit the new earth and to replenish it.

  4. Nat Jensen

    I had a frightening dream of millions of “souls” shrouded figures stood in several long lines (some on the left, and some on the right, one down the middle) Flying between these rows was what my mind told me were angels of death, these angels were ferreting out the damned row by row . To my direct left was a massive pool of molten rock. Into this the ferreted souls were thrown. I knew panic in this dream, I knew the dread of not being in the right with God. I tore my clothes in this despair. Screaming and lamentations filled the dark night. Some sounded like they begged and others like they threatened. Far ahead, as if seeing only a glimmer of bright light in the shrouded masses, a great gate stood. And even though I was far off, I knew there was someone at a podium with a massive tome. I took this meaning as it was the Book of Life mentioned in the bible. I woke up about then

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