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Video: Dream of Obama And Peace Treaty – Genevieve Brazel

Dream of Obama And Peace Treaty.

Genevieve Brazel

Published on Apr 21, 2019

Precious Saints in this video i share a dream i had on the morning of the 21st April Sunday 2019 of Obama sitting on a throne holding the peace treaty. I also share a few other things the Lord has spoken to me regarding the gravitational pull of the earth that has already begun. I also encourage you to keep looking up for our redemption truly does draw near. I Love you all so much and praying for you always. See you in Glory very very soon my precious family in Christ.




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  1. Martin S.

    I believe that the vision of Obama holding the peace treaty is accurate and that he is the Antichrist. If Christians read Matthew 24 there are many events that have to take place before the church is raptured out. Matt 24:15 the revealing of the Antichrist does not trigger the rapture. The rapture takes place on Matt 24:31, but look at what Jesus tells us are the events. Just read the text! One prophetic word on here stated that if God came today He would only take 5%. The church is nowhere rapture ready. We have much work to do before that glorious event. I wish people would balance the word of god against prophetic interpretation. The rapture is not months away! No pretrib rapture, not in the Bible. Settle down and concentrate on the harvest first and leave the rapture up to God’s timing please.

  2. Ken B.

    Good word Martin. YouTube is full of people declaring that the rapture is going to happen any minute. Massive numbers of Christians are going to be disillusioned, perplexed and angry when persecution and tribulation comes before a rapture. (especially in America) The pre-trib rapture is one of Satan’s traps…..to get our focus off of our mission and on a persecution free escape plan.

  3. Fred

    Good word Martin
    We are not going anywhere yet!

  4. Len Hummel

    Very possible for GOD to manage TWO OR THREE Rapture Events: barley harvest, wheat harvest, grape harvest, – {which includes also THE GRAPES OF WRATH harvest}
    PRAY that you might be counted worthy to escape these things and TO STAND before THE SON OF MAN, THE LORD Yeshuah.
    btw, THE NEW NAME for “easter/Ishtar” is not only “Resurrection Day”, but Yahm Triumphant! THE DAY OF TRIUMPH.(!)

  5. Richard

    Hi Genevieve;
    I live in Sydney.
    I need urgent healing.
    I have been watching your vids for a while now.
    Do you have an e-mail address ???
    Thank You

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