Oct 5, 2019
Holy Spirit Wind
[Jeff Byerly]

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hello my beloved brothers and sisters in
Christ and those who need to surrender
and become my brothers and sisters in
Jeff Byerly here you whether you again I
have a warning and then a message that
the Lord wanted me to share with you
today the warning I received from my
friend Ken Roberts some of you may know
him he used to be in the military and he
sent me a first thing this morning some
kind of shocking news about the militant
what the military is doing right now and
and I posted this on Facebook by the way
cannon was kicked off of Facebook late
last year I think maybe because he knows
a little something what’s going on to
just come out and say it is that the
military right now is looking to
activate domestic deployment and if you
don’t know what that means that means
basically this short of it is martial
law and I’m gonna just read can give me
something from the marine website which
I can show you let me show you the
and this is also on quite a few other
websites including Hal Turner Dave
Hodges has been reporting about it
and trumpet news I guess has got
something about it
I mean if you do some research you can
find it pretty easily but I thought that
maybe some of you didn’t subscribe to
some of those websites so I figured well
I was told by the Lord that I needed to
warn you so anyways here’s what Ken sent
to me good morning this is huge for
those who of you not familiar with
military orders I have read this entire
order and I am familiar with orders I
will explain it in layman’s terms
basically this order is stating that
military reservists will be activated in
two weeks for a period of 30 to 120 days
so two weeks from I believe yesterday so
that would be the end of October
the order states it will be for all
branches but specifies the Marines as it
is an MRA our admin marine order some
are admin marine order I’m not going to
speculate as to why it is a marine order
but I will say the Marines are the
Praetorian Guard of the President and I
will leave it at that for those of you
who are veterans I didn’t do not believe
you need to be concerned with being
activated as of yet nor will there be
address draft as of yet however if you
are in the individual Ready Reserve I
would expect to be called to active duty
soon as of the order states that the IRR
will also be activated the good news is
those do to separate from the service
will be able to according to this and
requirements will not be held up that’s
why I believe there will not currently
be a recall of veterans or a draft they
wouldn’t allow separation or retirements
if they were going to recall veterans or
instill a draft in my opinion I could be
wrong though and I offer them that’s a
humble man for you
but this is something I know about my
kids are of draft age or will be and as
you all know I’m a veteran under 50
these things are constantly on my mind
for this order it is as real as it gets
I encourage you all to take the time to
read it for those not familiar with
military jargon or acronyms I’m
available for questions I don’t know if
he wants me to share his email with all
of you guys
there are also veterans included here
that I’m sending this to okay I’m gonna
skip down so be ready be prepared be
prayed up very good advice because
playtime is over it is about to get very
very real in the good old US of A think
of the movie the siege and last year’s
hunter-killer I don’t know if you’ve
seen any of those but I personally I’ve
seen the siege and that was pretty
I think we’re heading into martial law
god bless and stay safe
and I’m going to put that into the
description box along with the link to
the marine website so that y’all can all
see it and this is just another
confirmation of where we are right now
things I believe we’re going to start
getting very intense and all the
warnings that
that I as well as others have warned
about that the Lord has told to warn
these are gonna start coming to pass now
and we need to be ready now how should
be we we be ready
I believe foremost first and foremost I
should say we should be ready
spiritually yes physical preparation is
a good thing but it is not take the
place of spiritual preparation you are
not let me repeat you are not going to
be able to prepare for every situation
you will not be able to store up enough
you will not be able to have enough
weapons you will not I don’t care if you
have a bunker that’s a thousand feet
down in the ground encased in a hundred
feet of cement Revelation chapter six
that says the rich men the slaves the
poor men you know everybody basically
will try to hide their selves in the
caves and the rocks from the coming of
the Lord Jesus Christ and they’re not
gonna be able to escape you will not be
able to get through this without Jesus
plain and simple and I believe what he’s
been telling me to share with you over
the last month is that you need to hear
his voice and this message I’m gonna
read to you right now he gave to me in
February of 2017 and the title of it is
you need the baptism of the Holy Spirit
for what is coming upon the earth and
I’ll leave a link in the description box
so you can read the whole thing again
and here it goes I want my people to
change their mindset from a physical
mindset to a spiritual one I want to
transform you by the renewing of your
mind but you have to lay everything down
at my feet I want my people to truly say
the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want
I want you to know in your hearts that I
am everything you need and everything
that you want deep down in your spirit I
want you to realize that you are truly
nothing without me and nothing in this
world can fill the emptiness that you
sometimes feel that is why you must be
full of my spirit to overflowing then
there are is no emptiness no loneliness
no longing for companionship
companionship no yearning for the arms
of a lover I am all of these things to
you let me show you
I am your perfect lover my love is
spiritual but it does offer physical
pleasure but not like the lust that this
world caused love those who are intimate
with me know how pleasurable my manifest
presence is in manifest presence is the
presence that can be physically felt I
will give you peace that is
unexplainable for it is not of this
world I offer a sense of well-being that
drugs can never give you my spirit
renews your strength as you rise above
the troubles of this world and enter
into praise and worship of the Most High
as you enter
my presence you will feel the weight and
the warmth of my glory as I wrapped my
arms around you and tell you how much I
love you I desire that all of my
children would experience this every day
I longed for you to know how close I am
to you when you call for me
I am already there it is not just a
saying it is the truth be baptized in my
spirit ask me I want to do this to you
this is the way that you will always
know that I am always with you
you need the baptism of my spirit for
what is coming upon the earth beloved I
will never do anything to harm you your
spirit man but I will allow things to
happen to your fleshly body if you allow
it to draw yourself away from me I have
said do not seek what you should eat or
what you should drink nor have an
anxious mind for all these things the
nations of the world seek after and your
father knows that you need these things
but seek the kingdom of God and all
these things will be added to you for
all that is in the world the lust of the
flesh the lust of the eyes the pride of
life is not of the Father but of this
world many of those who come themselves
by my name have problems with putting
money and possessions before me it is
not wrong to own things because they
make life in this world easier and more
pleasurable but if these things
you if these things are what you think
about and strive for
am I your Lord I am very grieved to say
that if you have your best life now that
you will end up in the lake of fire
because heaven is many times greater
than this world has to offer
and that is where your treasure needs to
be i am your good father and i love you
more than anything or anyone ever could
i love you more than you can even
comprehend I love all seven billion plus
people living on this earth that much
yes I know the number of hairs on each
of their heads yet very few of them know
me intimately in these last days I want
that to change a good father disciplines
his children so that even greater harm
does not come to them I am going to take
away the things that have stolen men’s
hearts away from me nearly every modern
possession and convenience will be done
away with during this time of
tribulation yes I will have to use the
fire kickoff event for this everyone
will go through these trials at the same
time and most will not take it well
in fact violence shall spread throughout
the earth like never before
my children will show my love when it
appears many heart when it happens many
hearts will cry out to me and I will
hear them yes most will not but because
of the fiery kickoff event and the other
that follow many more will come to me
this way and that is what my kingdom
work is about seeking and saving that
which is lost my transformed holy
children my intimate ones will show them
all men’s hearts will be revealed by the
light of my children and their light has
come from me the father of lights all is
about to commence come to me for special
instructions and that is the end of the
message now I want to concentrate the
Lord has told me to concentrate on the
baptism of the Holy Spirit he wants all
of you to have it so I’m gonna read some
verses and then I’m going to leave in
the description box a couple of videos
that I would like anyone seeking the
baptism of the Holy Spirit to watch and
the evidence of baptism the Holy Spirit
is speaking in tongues and I think most
will most of you that are baptized in
the Holy Spirit will be able to speak in
I cannot say all but I would say most
I’m not going to be like the people that
say that unless you’re speaking tongues
you are not saved because that’s not
true it is important though and I do it
a lot and that’s why the Lord gives me
messages from him so I’m going to read
Luke 11 verses 5 through 13 right now
and he said to them which of you who has
a friend will go to him at midnight and
say to him friend lend me three boat
loaves of bread for a friend of mine who
is on a journey has just come and I have
nothing to put before him and from with
within himself will answer do not
disturb me the door is now closed
so he’s this man is speaking to himself
basically do not disturb me the door is
not closed and my children are with me
in bed I cannot get up and supply you
with anything but I tell you although he
will not get up in soup
he will not get up and supply him with
anything because he is his friend yet
because of his shameless persistence and
insistence he will get up and he will
give him as much as he needs basically
just to get rid of him not that the Lord
is like that
so Jesus continued so I say to you ask
and keep on asking and it shall be given
to you seek and keep on seeking and ye
shall you shall find knock and keep on
knocking and the door shall be opened to
you by the way this is the
five classic version for everyone who
asks and keeps on asking receives and he
who seeks and keeps on seeking finds and
to him who knocks and keeps on knocking
the door shall be opened what father
among you if his son asks for a loaf of
bread will give him a stone or if he
asks for a fish will he give him a
serpent or if he asks for an egg will he
give him a scorpion No
if then evil as you are know how to give
good gifts gifts that are to their
advantage to their children how much
more will your heavenly Father give the
Holy Spirit to those who ask and
continue to ask him that’s the key you
can’t just do it once it’s gotta be day
after day after day after day and you
cannot stop until you receive it
I’ll give you a couple other verses
Matthew 3:11 and this is John the
Baptist talking I indeed baptize you
with water because of repentance that is
because of your changing minds for the
heartily amending your ways with him
horns of your past sins but he who is
coming after me is mightier than I whose
sandals I am not worthy or a fit to take
off or even carry he will baptize you
with the Holy Spirit and with fire and
he of course is speaking of Jesus Yeshua
and one more verse I will add is acts
and Peter answered them repent and be
baptized every one of you in the name of
Jesus Christ for the forgiveness and
release from your sins and you shall
receive the gift of the Holy Spirit so
my friends if you do not believe that
you received the baptism in the Holy
Spirit I would really highly recommend
that you watch the two videos that I
will put in the description box because
the times that are coming very quickly
you’re gonna need this
the baptism the Holy Spirit helps you to
be in just constant contact with the
Holy Spirit constant communion you have
songs just coming out of you all the
time and you just constantly praying
and praising and worshipping and just
it’s what all of us need that is why
some of you have problems hearing the
voice of the Holy Spirit not that you
can’t hear the Holy Spirit without being
baptized in the Holy Spirit but it makes
it a lot easier and all you have to do
is ask and desire it with all of your
heart it costs you nothing it is free
just like everything that the Lord gives
us is free he is such a good father and
he has given us all things I just prayed
that you would all take this to heart
things are coming to pass very soon all
the warnings that we have been warning
are gonna they’re just gonna happen now
I believe the time of warning is very
very short
and I do not have a definition for very
very short but it is shorter than ever
now I love you all
and I just asked that the Lord would
bless you all and that his Holy Spirit
would be upon you all and in you all in
the name of Jesus Christ Yeshua

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