Velociraptor Dream – Liv Hinojosa


Velociraptor Dream

November 7, 2020, 10:55 AM
Liv Hinojosa

My dream on the morning of November 7th, 2020

Everything around me seemed like every day events, but I noticed some things started change as I was watching all this unfold from a window. The first thing that started changing was the landscaping: First, there was the dirt; Second, was the grass, plants, and trees. It was a beautiful landscaping – it looked like a rain forest. Next thing I noticed when I looked out the window was a dinosaur – Velociraptor.

As the Velociraptors emerged, I hide and searched for anyone near by to have them hide as well. Once I knew we were cleared, I tried letting others know what was going on: most people I told didn’t believe me, some laughed it off, some people weren’t sure if they should believe it or not, and very few who knew about the end times and the events that followed believed what was taking place.

Next thing, the Velociraptors started breaking into the buildings seeking their prey (us). Once this was happening, the people that weren’t sure what to believe, started to believe what was going on.

After the Velociraptors left, I went out to see what all was going on and I noticed workers working on the building, fixing all the damage. They were replacing everything as if to hide what had happened. I could tell they knew about the Velociraptors’ but they tried to hide the dinosaurs even existed.

Another dangerous dinosaur started to emerge: Coelophysis. This time around, society was hiding in a wood type tents outside buildings. There was also another group of people (that was working to release these dinosaurs) was purposely stabbing people to draw out the dinosaurs so the dinosaurs can eat (the dinosaurs could smell the blood).

In another scene was a group of people on the beach. It was during the time where others were forced to get the mark of the beast. Those who refused to get it was put to death (a horrible death). One lady was in her 3rd trimester of her pregnancy. She decided to walk herself into the ocean to her own death to avoid the horrible death that would soon be placed upon her.

End of dream

I remembered in the dream a few topics which were mentioned on the 444 Prophecy News website mentioning about the dinosaurs.


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