Vaxxination Dream – Judy Reynolds


Vaxxination Dream

December 20, 2020 11:03 AM
Judy Reynolds

December 18 middle of night.

I woke up in the night, there were three dreams one right after another but only this one is the one The Lord wants me to share. I was alert and The Lord said “write this one out and put it out daughter.”
When I woke from the dream my awareness was heightened and oh my! I understood that this was “their perspective” and that we are really on the precipice of being in the “thick of it!”
In this dream I was an active person in the dream but also an observer mentally and spiritually.

I and a few other people were in a building that had like three rooms that connected. I don’t know what we were doing though it seemed like organizing and tidying up and we were somewhat comfortable yet somewhat stressed. This wasn’t a very long dream but the next part was the main point of the dream and was vivid and clear.

I walked into a room alone and was looking at a sofa, it was long style like from before the 60’s; elegant and dark in color. I was doing something in the room when I began to hear through a sound system clearly a voice telling others “how” it’s been and “going to be” so to speak.

The attitude and tone of voice was very sarcastic in a cruel, story like way; utterly evil! I listened intently to what he was saying, it was almost like he was on a radio show not as a public official or anything.
The “hearers” were us! The people, the common people; unaware as if we were stupid.
He said ” So you know those beautiful couches you sit on or the hotel’s and places you stay, they are for another purpose.

The materials you use and buildings you go in, they are for another purpose and you will find this out.”
I immediately pictured a big building like a hotel or store, and “the couches” with people on it receiving the vaxxine!

It was evidently clear in the way he worded it that ALL things we partook of in our lifestyles were deceitful and had another goal all along; malls, hotels, companies, materials of all kinds to be used later against humanity for “their” greater good.
The attitude was one of “Just to let you know!”
This was a strange dream yet a very clear point. Our Lord is always on time and these things are coming.
May JESUS CHRIST richly bless you and keep you during your trials now, and those to come. HOLD Fast to HIM!

Scriptures given for this were:

Psalm 10, 114:7, 116:13
Isaiah 42:8

* I had a dream about power being shut down and this dream was in the same style given as that dream.

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