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VAXX: Testimony of Deliverance – Noel Castillo


VAXX: Testimony of Deliverance

October 6, 2021 1:32 PM
Noel Castillo
May the Lord almighty bless you all brothers and sisters in Christ. 
Context: Two weeks ago, while in prayer, the Holy Spirit instructed me to pray over the phone along with 3 sisters from my intercession group. I am currently out of my country but that was not an impediment for our God to show his glory in our lives. I set up the date and time to pray together in obedience to God.
The Lord has warned us not to take the vaxx and I communicated this to my intercession group. They all knew that they shouldn’t take it. However, these three ladies have taken it under job’s and family’s pressure after the word was delivered. 
Also, the Lord instructs me to clarify that the VAXX is not the mark of the beast but it is a pre-stage. They are testing how people will react to different situations. DO NOT trust those who say this is the mark, and that there’s no salvation for those who have taken the VAXX, THIS IS NOT TRUE! 
Read Children Targeted by COVID-19 and Vaccination posted on May, 2020 where the Lord clearly states that the VAXX is not the mark and also warns about kids getting sick and being targeted by vaccination (This is just happening).
I have asked the Lord, like three months ago, if there was salvation for those who take the VAXX and He said yes, but they will suffer for their decision to take the VAXX, but there is salvation He added. 
October 5th, 2021
We connected and started thanking God for the chance to pray together. Suddenly, The Lord started speaking through me and said in Spanish (my native language): 
Why is my people so disobedient? I have spoken through my servants not to take the VAXX, I have warned you not to do it. There is no excuse, why is my people so disobedient? Why my people do not believe what I speak? why? 
Then my spiritual vision opened and I saw a huge fine warehouse-like building. Inside, there were men wearing black robes with hoodies, they were all over the warehouse. I saw a group of those men surrounding a big lot of boxes, wrapped and ready to be shipped. 
The Lord continued speaking: I know everything, I know what is hidden. The VAXX are under a satanic pact, satanists casted spells and demons in VAXX before its distribution. This VAXX gives the enemy advantage over your body. 
Didn’t you realize how the enemy attacks were more effective after you took it? Didn’t you notice how sick you get and how spiritual cold and frustrated you all have felt after taking it? 
Again I ask: Why is my people so disobedient? Why don’t you hear my voice? Obedience my people, obedience I want and not sacrifice. Didn’t I say this to king Saul though my prophet Samuel? obedience I want and not sacrifice, obedience I want and not sacrifice. Obedience is like a fragrance, it is a fragrance of a sweet smell pleasing to Me. Obedience moves my hand in your favor, obedience brings blessings to your life.
Even when you were disobedient; I am here to release you from this pact, for nothing is stronger than my blood, the blood of Jesus. Ask me to release you, repent now, repent now! Every pact casted to you, everything that came into you through the VAXX is broken now for the power of the blood of Jesus. Come out, Come out in the name of Jesus. I am delivering you because of my mercy and because I have declared promises over your lives. I am delivering for my own name’s sake, said the Lord. I am delivering for my own name’s sake, repeated the Lord. 
Brothers and sisters in Christ, I felt the power of the Holy Spirit and His fire breaking and destroying the works of the enemy. The three sisters vomited and were delivered. Hallelujah! Glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. There is salvation in Him only! Holy, Holy, Holy is our Lord. Hallelujah! He is Powerful, Almighty!
The Lord wants me to add that these sisters He delivered, they are all repentant, they also receive words and visions from the Lord, they speak in tongues, and still they didn’t obey the Lord. They didn’t believe what the Lord said about the VAXX. He wants me to add this because even people who are active in the spirit can be deceived and are disobedient. 
If you have taken the VAXX and you knew you shouldn’t have taken it, repent, repent, repent, fast and ask the Holy Spirit to break every pact, to destroy any spells, to forgive you and cleanse you with the blood of Jesus. There is salvation in Jesus! There is salvation! There is salvation in Jesus!
I hope this testimony helps you to understand what is happening in the spirit realm, for this is spiritual. As usual, pray over this testimony and ask the Holy Spirit to confirm you. 
The Lord brought me to preach his gospel here in the USA, and I am moving to any other country he instructs me. If you have any prayer request or want to get in touch with me: escogidodeDios90@gmail.com 
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All glory and honor is to my Heavenly Father, to his beloved son Jesus Christ, and to his amazing Holy Spirit!


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