Children targeted by COVID-19 and Vaccination – Noel Castillo

Children targeted by COVID-19 and Vaccination

May 17, 2020 6:54 PM
Noel Castillo

Dream: May 4, 2020

In a dream I could see children in the background, like in a park, playing. Immediately I noticed in front of me some open briefcases. They had implements inside but my attention was put on a box located in the center of the briefcase. This box had the name of the virus COVID-19. In my understanding I knew that the boxes contain vaccines. Then, I heard the voice of the LORD saying “This is how the marking will begin”.

End of the dream

I took time to publish this dream because I did not understand why I saw the children before the vaccines and how they were related to all this. Seeking the Lord in prayer, He has confirmed what I felt in the spirit.

Children will begin to be affected by this virus. So far the most affected have been the elder but this will change and the virus will begin to affect children.

The next thing is that the vaccine is not the mark of the beast, but in this way they will begin to prepare the ground for the mark to take place and to be something normal and innocent. Many will be deceived because they will say “it is only a vaccine” but Jehovah in his infinite mercy has said -do not get any vaccines– and He knows why He gives such an order (This is the second dream I’ve received about not taking any vaccine).

The time will come when if you are not vaccinated you will not be able to work, your children will not be able to go to school, travel, access banking institutions and ask for loans (because you are at risk of dying and therefore cannot grant you loans). You will go against the system, you will be rebellious, unconscious, etc.

If the virus is created, what do you think comes in the vaccine? EVERYTHING except the cure. Pray for your children and your family. Plead the blood of Jesus over them and above all, set your house in order, repent, and get it right with the LORD. Jehovah has promised to protect His people, but are you part of that people?

If anyone has doubts, seek the Almighty in prayer. I am just a messenger. Glory and honor is to the Sublime, to the Holy, Jehovah is His name.

Image for illustrative purposes only, I did not find anything exact for what I saw in my dream in relation to the briefcases.
  • Matthew 24: 7-8
    7 For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; and there will be plagues, and famines, and earthquakes in different places. 8 And all this will be the beginning of pain.
  • Revelation 13: 16-17
    16 And he made everyone, small and large, rich and poor, free and slave, put a mark on his right hand, or on his forehead; 17 and that no one could buy or sell, except he who had the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

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  1. Tatyanna

    The virus is already affecting children

  2. Marc

    The real reason not to take the VACCINE, is because it’s made from or contains aborted babies stem cells in the process.
    That’s a DNA changer!!!!
    All modern vaccines are produced with aborted babies stem cells…

  3. Arizona

    IF you men don’t stop these devils from harming the children,YOU WON’T GET INTO HEAVEN EITHER,OUR FATHER HATES COWARDS,But you run and hide,they’ll find you,and YOU’LL be wishing you had done as you were commanded,HELL ISN’T HAFT FULL….

  4. I had a dream where the children had to have the vaccine and a metallic bracelet to be able to go to school. The bracelet tracked their whereabouts and their vitals such as breathing and heartbeat and temperature. I advise anyone reading this to homeschool your children and start now! Even if you are working it can be done. I know homeschoolers who work as well. God bless

  5. “Muitos serão enganados porque dirão “é apenas uma vacina”, mas Jeová, em sua infinita misericórdia, disse – não tome vacinas – e sabe por que deu essa ordem. Onde diz na biblia para não tomar vacinas. Não percebi esta mensagem. Jeováa disse para não tomar vacinas, falamos só nos sonhos ou na palavra também?
    Um abraço e paz

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