Vatican on Fire – Noel Castillo


Vatican on Fire

Aug 26, 2021 7:29 PM
Noel Castillo
God Almighty blesses you all greatly, brothers and sisters in Christ.
Dream received beginning of 2121
I could see like a painting canva, where the colors looked like autumn (like leaves painted on it, I saw a lot of orange, yellow and brown colors). The vision was zoomed in, very close to the canva. I started observing the canva carefully and moving through it. I  suddenly saw the top of the Dome of the church in the Vatican, and it turned out that what I thought to be colorful leaves were actually flames, the whole church was on fire, I saw fire all around the church; everywhere. I continued analyzing the canva and on the top right corner I read “Il nostra” (I knew it was written in Italian). 
-End of the dream-
I have been asking Holy Spirit for clarity on this dream and this is what I received; Thus says the Spirit of the LORD: 
The Vatican will burn, it will be destroyed, for I will allow its demise. Her sins and abominations have reached my nostrils, and I cannot tolerate it anymore. Many are her abominations. If only my people knew everything that is hidden there. Everything they perform under the shadows; abominations beyond imagination. 
It will be destroyed, says the Almighty. 
I asked the Holy Spirit what “Il Nostra” means, and He instructed me to search it up. What I found was shocking for me. When I type “Il nostra” on Google, the first thing that popped up was “Il Cosa Nostra” which is  The Sicilian Mafia, also simply known as the Mafia and frequently referred to as Cosa Nostra– it is a criminal organization originated in ITALY! (I had never heard of it before). 
The LORD Almighty will use them as a means of judgement, and not only them, but also other terrorist organizations will be involved to fulfill this word. 
All glory and honor to the God Almighty my Heavenly Father, to my Lord and Savior Jesus, and to His Powerful Holy Spirit. 
As always, take this word to the Father for confirmation. 

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