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vaccine has aborted fetus/cells in it from dead babies – God Be With You


vaccine has aborted fetus/cells in it from dead babies

December 24, 2020 8:01 AM
God Be With You

This came to me this morning dec 24-20 was woken up a 5.30 in the morning and i got, vaccine has aborted fetus/cells in it from dead babies

And i was reminded of a dream i had the other night where a 16 year old girl on a bright sunny day was walking down the street with a machine gun

Just randomly shooting through shop windows and at people as if there was no worries in the world like talking on the telephone with your friends and a smile on her face

And out of the blue someone shot her in the chest and she fell on her back on the street, as i stood over her the blood was everywhere and the tears were pouring out of her eyes

Her death was emanate. Then i was given mother against daughter father against son , that we have good and bad spirits around us to create free will and that in the spirit world

Evil spirits are attracted to sin like a vulture is to dead meat, also given that in the bible you are not to drink blood ,satanic entities will enter in you.

This vaccine i believe is the two edge sward it will stop the various but allowing evil spirits a open door to make you do bad decisions/sins and the sins that you

Commit you will feel no need for repentance and that way you will be lost to god, your free will ,will be lost to more dark forces then good forces overwhelming your decision making.

Then a small note

For as he chose to enter, so ye have entered . as he chose to live , so may ye live. As he chose to give of himself that there might be a greater

Understanding a greater knowledge, yea ,the showing forth of the wisdom of god that god is love, poured forth upon the children of men in

This experience.

Thx hope this helps

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