US President Grave – Alexander Black

US President Grave

Fri, Aug 9, 2019 at 10:43 PM
Alexander Black

This my dream & vision that from few years ago and dont remeber when but believe worth
to tell of this act
this short dream & vision is i saw grave yard but it smallest grave yard i ever see size each
grave seem baby size. seem 50 less of graves but surely think less 40 but could not count it
perfect but front of grave but back of grave yard two pole of flag U>S>A stand not the pole in ground but pole is golden color with plate weight to help pole sand up with U>S>A flag on it each side left and right behind grave yard each grave size seem baby size but each stone grave show on stone is seal of notary of all stone of graves but saw middle of grave yard those one little big stone show seal of notary is president of USA but other of stones not clear to read of what name mark on seal of notary on graves also ground is green pasture grass it is warns me that are appear signs against them by God..forgiven me but to voice to all of you about this act of one impact that dream & vision warns… my inquire it interpreter to be what of your understand? i am tell you truth nothing more.. also i am are burden of those mocking that against me whole of my life and never got equal of civil right and always get unconstitutional legal and right in whole my life and told me this nation never forgiven and mercy to me i have bad back ground criminal history but always get no equal justice whole life. last dream show and tell me by Jesus itself while he on cross and i was look down to him while he on cross he is on nail but he look up said to me thank you sinful man…. i felt bad i pray told jesus how i am be sinful? which this nation never give me equal life & job & constitution legal and civil right in whole life also understand lead me crimes i am not ask excuse of my mistake crime but it abuse of my right and legal act.i try best write. from Alex Black this for my God & Christ.

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