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Victoria Ang

Last evening I was in my usual prayer time before bed. I usually keep my cell phone on charge by my bedside. I had started to close my eyes and drift off when I was awoken by a constant red light flashing ( as in emergency). It was so bright and seemed to light up the room. It was coming from my cell phone charger. There is a band around the charger that is red and will go on as it trickle charges and goes off. This time it flashed constantly like an emergency ! I tried to cover the flashing but it still kept coming through . I know God is warning ! This has never occurred before! ………

So I fell asleep and had a dream where I had a place I was suppose to be to finish some work. In the dream I was made known I had more work to do but the place I was to go and stay would be very nice (vacation like accommodations)…… ( represents transformation )….. I had a train to catch and was saying last minute good byes. I was with another unknown lady ( represents angel protecting ) . She made a call to the place where We would be staying to confirm all was set for our arrival ….. We where running so late to catch the train . We got the confirmation and the dream ended!

Upon awaking I had a vision of being on that train riding with my head by the window and the sun was shining so brightly!!!

Next I hear a song playing in my Spirit “It was saying “ URGENT …. URGENT ….. EMERGENCY !!! URGENT …. URGENT !!

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  1. Laura

    time is so near, thank you for sharing!

  2. ivan dimitrov

    watch?v=Lcb-Fsx_phM =Foreigner – Urgent (Official Music Video) =RHINO….=I KNOW THIS SONG VERY WELL..AND THE LAST TIME WAS JUST A MONTH BEFORE IT COMES TO ME…..

  3. Victoria

    Laura, Yes it sure is! May we all stay in prayer and continue to keep our focus on our precious loving Lord!
    God bless you and your family!!🙏🙏💕

  4. Trinidad777

    This vision strikes a cord with me due to the fact I too keep having a repeated dream of having to leave my home and being surrounded by strangers a long distance away. Most time I am either traveling by Airplane or some other means to be across the Ocean far away. The scariest part is that I don’t know what happened to my family in the dream. All I feel is a horrible sadness deep down that they are either dead or something other terrible thing happened. The dream of being completely isolated and alone continuously haunts and repeats itself for many years now. I don’t know what god has planned for us but I am certain it is NOT a blessing to outlive anyone during that time.

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