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URGENT CALL TO PRAYER!! (Graphic vision) Sinking of US AIRCRAFT CARRIER – Watchwoman


Jan 6, 2020

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I’m coming on today because the Lord
gave me a graphic vision of the sinking
of an aircraft carrier when I prayed on
it for confirmation the Lord gave me the
number immediately he gave me to 23 to
23 is an meaning of the name Uriah and
Uriah is a soldier that was killed in
battle please listen to the vision and
pray with me it’s Monday January 6 2020
chain I’m coming on to as a call to
prayer i’ma watch woman God gives me
visions and dreams when things are about
to happen I’m not a prophet um this is a
call to prayer I have eleven thousand
subscribers and I need people to help me
pray against what’s about to happen the
Lord has shown me for some time that
there would be an attack against
President Trump and assassination and I
also last night I had a vision as I had
finished praying I was wide awake it was
an open vision I saw the aftermath of
the sinking of US aircraft carrier the
in the vision I saw water that was
turned red with blood I saw in a
distance an aircraft carrier on its side
it was not under water I saw this is
really graphic and I’m just by soft body
parts in the water and I was so upset I
will I I called the friend of mine or
texted her and told her what I saw and I
was awake for most of the night
afterwards trying to figure out if I
should put this out there because I’m
aware that this is other people have
seen this but the Lord has never shown
me anything like this this was not a
dream it was a vision I was wide awake I
and so I thought Jesus was me as I was
watching this and I really tried to pull
out of it so I didn’t have to see it I
was so gross I was like but the Lord um
I felt this hand on my shoulder guiding
me and what join me what he wanted me to
say okay I don’t know if this is going
to happen the way I saw it but I know
mastery is giving me to put out I don’t
wash room and I have to put this stuff
out when I see it I not crazy I’m not
making stuff up I’m trying to tell you
that this is a call to prayer I need my
subscribers to pray for both against the
sinking of this carrier and against the
assassination of President Trump I think
both are going to be linked I put a
video at quite some time ago linking
President Trump and Lincoln was a
there’s a and I thought it was because
they might both be us he would be
assassinated in a similar way but now I
realize that I think it could possibly
be he’ll be killed at the same time as a
USS Lincoln is sunk
alright so please pray with me please
please please please get on your knees
and pray hard because these are our
young boys and we can’t let this happen
if God can intervene God can do this you
can stop this if it’s as well he could
stop this please join me in prayer thank

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