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Unvaccinated Will Be Hunted Down – BRIDEOFYESHUA-RS

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Unvaccinated Will Be Hunted Down

June 28, 2022 9:16 AM

Tuesday, June 28, 2022, at 12:18

“Come, My precious daughter, sit at My feet, quiet your heart, and listen to what I Am speaking.

My beloved children, are your hearts still in this world that only wants to destroy you? Look around you and listen to what is happening in this world, is there anything that has not been said in My Word, and not been foretold by My true prophets?

You believe in this momentary calm, that you can go on living as you used to by submitting to your governments and accepting so-called vaccines that will only defile your body and then further destroy your soul; in order for you to continue to work, to continue to buy and sell, to continue to survive that you believe the lies of the mainstream media, and to give in to the pressure exerted on you by the minions of Satan, allowing them to control you as they wish, to take away your freedom and your privacy, to harm your body, to destroy your soul.

Don’t you know that the storm after the momentary calm will be greater and fiercer? While the COVID-19 pandemic is not completely over, a greater and more frightening epidemic is on the horizon. Compared with the pandemic that is coming, COVID-19 is nothing more than a child’s small game. With the greater epidemic comes stricter and more perverse controls; more completely and totally to strip what little freedom and privacy you now have left.

Mandatory vaccination laws will be enacted, martial law laws will be enforced, and armies of soldiers will be stationed on the streets of your communities, authorized to use military equipments and trained skills to hunt down those who have not been vaccinated.

Among these are the children who belong to Me who hold fast to My truth, and those who have not yet accepted Me, Jesus of Nazareth, who came in the flesh, as their Lord and Savior. Those who are captured will be taken to a special camp to be treated in a special way.

My children, wake up, when this all happen, who will you call upon, where will you be able to flee to? If you do not have Me, the Lord who created the heavens and the earth, the Creator who give you the breath of life, you will have nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide.

The sound of the white horse’s hoofs is fading away; the rider of the red horse with the great sword is galloping and trampling all over the earth; followed by the rider of the black horse with the scales in his hand, the global famine—the shortage of supplies, the scarcity of food; My words will be forbidden, My Bible will be burned in public, My name above all names will be forbidden to be spoken—is waiting ahead for the inhabitants of the earth ; then comes the rider of death on the gray horse, and hell follows with him.

Do not think that there will be a long interval between these horses, I tell you, no, before the first horse is not yet completely out of sight, the next horse comes galloping right along until My Word has been fulfilled.

My children, you are the last generation before I return, all that I have said in My Word will happen before your eyes.

In the days of Noah, the fallen angels defiled the man I had created in My image and likeness. Noah alone found grace in My eyes, a perfect man in that generation who still was in My image and likeness.

You are now in the days of Noah, and very few are still in My image and likeness. Those who have signed the voluntary paper and stretched out their arms to take vaccines themselves, they have been defiled, if they do not repent immediately, their end is the Lake of fire, eternal death.

Those who have been vaccinated will turn into abominable monsters, bloodthirsty zombies at the appointed time. Their task is to help those who control them to find, search, tear apart, and devour every person they capture who has not been vaccinated; the giants will roam the earth roaring and eating everything they catch in their hands alive. These are brutal and ruthless beings, human flesh will be the delicacy they crave.

My children, when this all happen, who will you call upon, where will you be able to flee to? If you do not have Me, the Lord who created the heavens and the earth, the Creator who give you the breath of life, you will have nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide.

Repent, inhabitants of the earth; Return, My children, I do not want any of you to see this all with your own eyes, experience it all personally, what I desire is that each one of you who I have created, in My image and likeness, will come to Me, their Creator, come to Jesus Christ who was crucified for them, who have given My all and shed My blood for their salvation, to receive life.

The day of My coming is indeed near, nearer than most of you think, are you ready to come to meet your King? Have your garments been washed by My blood on the cross? Blessed are those who watch and keep their garments, lest he walk naked and be seen his shame.

Your days on Earth are numbered, and on that day each one of you will have to answer to Me for every day you have spent on Earth, for every word you have spoken, for every deed you have done. Will the answer you give Me for your time on this earth, this testing ground, keep you with Me forever, or will you only be cast out by Me into outer darkness, weeping and gnashing your teeth?

The choice is always yours, I respect the choice of each one of you made out of the free will that I have given you, but the results of different choices are vastly different and eternal.

Choose wisely, My children, come to Me while you are still breathing, do not think that you have a tomorrow, for your tomorrow is in My hands, and none of you is guaranteed a tomorrow.

Come now, My children, I Am waiting for your return with open arms.

I love you, your soon coming King, Jesus Christ who came in the flesh, King of kings and Lord of lords!

Behold, surely I come quickly. Amen. ”

Please take everything to the Lord in prayer

God richly Bless,


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