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Unidentifiable Wonders in a MegaChurch

May 11, 2021 8:08 PM
Immanuel Coriander

In today’s dream I witnessed a mega church where the pastor had everyone get up and move around like they were in a parade around inside the church. The church was elaborate and reminds me of how casinos look, with partitions and fancy walls.

The pastor had great energy and told everyone to expect the miraculous. It was a gripping and exciting performance. I thought he was full of faith.

As the crowd began to move around as one big body, forward and backward, like a dance, they were looking for this minister for every move.

As nothing happened to the people except rhythms, I sensed that something was wrong. (“Where is the Spirit of God? Who is getting healed or released from demonic oppression?”)

Just then appeared what seemed to be the answer: the minister had gotten the crowd toward him in a special hall where many of the casino-like levels and partitions of the church all intersected. (This part of the building also reminds me of a roller skating floor, due to the partitioning low walls.)

Now something is happening but it doesn’t make sense to me. I saw that the people closest to the minister are getting hit with some kind of invisible wave as the man swings around or dances or makes big dramatic gestures. But I also saw that there were large circles on the floor almost the size of sewer / manhole lids—just large smooth black circles built into the floor. It was hard to see for sure, but I then began to wonder, “Is there a machine in the ceiling and floor that creates energy to stop and cause vibration in these people?”

As I looked for the presence of God and miracles of goodness, still I only saw this strange vibration and no reason for it. I only saw people being hit with mysterious energy that gave pause to their movement and maybe pushed them away from the minister.

At this point in the dream I began to walk around the “parade” of people shouting quotes of Scripture:

“ A wicked and adulterous generation seeks after a sign! ”

The other quote I shouted a lot was,

“False signs and lying wonders!”

I had to shout these simple phrases because the church could barely listen to anything other than the activity of the minister and his strange powers.
I could barely say these scriptures because the church activity had gotten so loud. I do think everyone heard me though, little by little as I walked around the crowd through different wings of their parade.

At the end of the dream, I found myself surrounded by a small group of upset and curious congregants. They wanted me to see things their way but they also listened—I asked them questions like,

“Has this church ever taught the people to fast? Do you learn to become a disciple of Jesus and do His works yourself? Does this church teach you to walk by the Spirit and pray over the sick?”
They said no.
I told them to fast and pursue the Lord. Some of them seemed like they would try it.

End of Dream

Immanuel Coriander

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