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UKRAINE IS IN DEEP TROUBLE – Handmaid of the Most High


October 10, 2022 9:05 PM
Handmaid of the Most High

10/10/22 9:30 PM

I do not know the detailed dynamics of European politics beyond what I have read in school and what I have researched about my family lineage, since I untangled myself from the occult more than 30 years ago. I have prayed for those in trouble. I do know that the media isn’t making an effort to be impartial as it reports events but far more important are the precious lives at stake regarding eternity.

I have received a vision where I am standing on a map along the border of Ukraine and Turkey. I can see major cities by name (not in English).

I heard from the Holy Spirit that several cities will be leveled to rubble. Likewise, the cities near the Russian border will remain under Russian control. There will be many Ukrainian casualties.

If you are reading this and the Holy Spirit has been urging you to go elsewhere, please heed this message to leave.

If you live in a community that the Holy Spirit has told you is safe, but you wish to travel to one of these cities to locate family or loved ones, unless the Holy Spirit gives you a clear sign of release to do so, do not venture to these communities!

Soon much of Ukraine will be under control of the bear.

END of Message

~Handmaid of the Most High~ Acts 2:18-19, Psalm 37:30

Please pray that as war persists that hearts would repent to the Lord.


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