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UFO’s and the Rider on the Red Horse – Tim Price

UFO’s and the Rider on the Red Horse

April 26, 11:39 PM
Tim Price

I had this dream on February 7th 2016 after reading Luke 21v11 where Jesus talks about the ‘fearful sights and great signs from Heaven’ that will happen before the end. Later the passage reiterates the same thing, saying there will be ‘signs in the sun and moon and stars’ (v25).


I dreamt I was in the backyard of my childhood home looking up at the night sky. At first the sky was completely clouded over, then the clouds parted to reveal a whole expanse of white stars grouped very close together, like I was looking at stars much further away than those we usually see from Earth at night (possibly light years away). Suddenly some of what I thought were stars changed into yellowy-gold objects. At first, I thought they could be asteroids, then they changed into disk-like shapes and I realised they were what popular culture likes to call ‘UFO’s’ (unidentified flying objects).

As soon as I recognised what they were, all except one flew off at near lightning speed. I saw the one that stayed suspended very clearly suspended in the sky. It looked like the kind of UFO you’d see in a cartoon, circular with a dome on top. There were also markings on it that looked like an ancient language.

While still in the dream and still looking at the night sky, suddenly a massive silhouette of a red rider on a red horse appeared. It galloped across the sky then began galloping towards the earth. Then the dream ended.


That same day I received the dream, I asked the Lord whether there was anything his people needed to be aware about in our time concerning those things so we won’t be shaken in our faith or fearful in the ungodly way the world will be in the days ahead (v26). That afternoon I had the dream. It wasn’t revealed to me who’s behind the UFO’s, but from other dreams the Lord’s given me I believe they could be the Nephilim the Bible speaks of in Genesis 6v4. This shouldn’t surprise us, as Jesus said it will be like the days of Noah in the time leading up to His return (Luke 17v26).

The important thing to recognise is the evil source behind the unidentified aircraft, and not be in any way deceived when they appear. In other dreams God showed me some UFO’s will clearly reveal themselves in the days ahead (some will be massive) and will remain close to the earth for all to see, so we need to be prepared beforehand to reject this deception, knowing from scripture this will be one sign of the end.

The second part of the dream with the red rider shows the Red Horse of Revelation is on its way:

Then another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make people kill each other. To him was given a large sword.
Revelation 6v4

The red horse starting to gallop towards the earth in my dream shows great war and destruction coming in the years ahead. This shows we’re much further to the end of all things than many today believe. We can encourage ourselves however in the way Jesus encourages us in Luke 21v28:

“When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”

And in John 16v33:

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

It’s also possible the red horse relates to Zechariah 1v8 and to the passage’s broader context which shows the Lord will have mercy on His people Israel (v12) and take vengeance on nations that have persecuted them (v14-15). So let’s also make sure we’re praying for Israel in this season.

The coming days are going to bring fearful sights in the heavens and signs on the earth beneath before Jesus returns, so let’s make sure we continue to abide in Christ letting nothing shake us, and put His kingdom first.

Tim Price


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  1. madelyn

    The Lord has called L.A. Marzulli to vet reports of Nephilim, alien, ufo’s. Nephilim, aliens=demons. Situations regarding all of these are happening more and more. “Soft Disclosure” happening as we speak. All a part of the Deep Darkness that must cover the earth before Jesus returns. Imho non human Nephilim alien demons in control of world leaders. Genocide of the masses worldwide plan in operation. With ANY encounter REBUKE in the name of Jesus first!!! Ask questions later. DON’T engage these entities in conversation! That’s an open door for them.

  2. I saw a dream like this. Red ships came down from the skies. The night before this happened, a young man at a Christian retreat camp dreamed they’d come. He saw they destroyed cities.
    First, there came rain, then hail, then an invasion.
    Later that day, it rained, then hailed, then there were flashing lights in the sky above a complete cloud cover.
    The clouds parted and a long line of glowing-red UFOs appeared, still shooting at some last stragglers of the defense forces that went out to meet them.

  3. Thomas ...NoDoubt...

    madelyn, I had a face to face encounter with an alien…I’m sure because he deliberately came within inches of my face (he may have been commanded by God from His throne room) but I sensed an arrogant pride that ‘it’ felt like they had already won , when ‘it’ almost hissed at me, ‘We Are the law of the land!’
    I know it was alien because when I looked in its eyes there was nothing but emptiness and darkness, No Compassion whatsoever. I could sense that had it been permitted, it would have killed me. But I felt NO fear whatsoever! It was like that message was for me to know that the government IS IN CONTROL BY THOSE HIDDEN IN THE MIDDLE MANAGEMENT OF THE SYSTEM That’s where they love to hide mostly
    And, just an interesting note which may r may not be related to alien, but there were many employees that once worked for Monsanto that now work at USDA or FDA and that many or more leaving USDA to work for Monsanto ( now Bayer- monsanto)

  4. madelyn

    Thomas, from my little understanding, those with alien “encounters” may unknowingly “encourage” further interactions if not careful. “They” want our attentions. Best to rebuke first in the name of Jesus. Ask questions later. DON’T ENGAGE THEM IN CONVERSATION OR ANY OTHER WAY. There is SO much more to this that will give God’s wisdom revelation understanding needed in these last days. All the “blaming” of evil on this country or that? Imho? Nephilim, alien demons. Controlling psycho genetically enhanced (DNA changed to non human non redeemable) world leaders including trump. Highly intelligent demons. Organized. Military planning. Empire under the ice in Antartica. Why? On last election day when evident Hillary was losing did they send Kerry to Antartica? Was he seeking help/instructions from Nephilim alien demon “little greys” living there? He was then quickly sent to Christchurch where an earthquake ensued. ALL in the same day of election. It’s like a little clue. ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE. NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS. JESUS ISN’T RETURNING UNTIL A GREAT DECEPTION COVERS THE EARTH. Our military even covered secret of recently killing 12+ foot red headed Nephilim giant living in cave in Afghanistan. “It” had been killing and eating locals. Bones laying at cave entrance. It literally speared one of our soldiers like a shish ka bob before multiple head shots killed it. “Where” are the remains of its body our govt. recovered and air lifted? L.A. Marzulli has recorded and compiled hundreds of testimonies of people who have encountered aliens. The great falling away? The Nephilim alien demonic Mark. People won’t HAVE to be forced. They will be standing in line for blocks to take what will promise good health and long life. It will change DNA to non human non redeemable.


    aliens=demons! they see humans as food! THAT’S IT! NEVER TRUST THEM!

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