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UFO leveled NYC – Scott C. Hansen


UFO leveled NYC

July 13, 2020
Scott C. Hansen

Dream – 10/19/2019

I dreamt that I was in a big city – I believe it was New York – and the city was being attacked, and actually leveled by at least one UFO.

At one point I saw what I knew to be the Empire State Building being pulled to the ground.

The UFO I saw, after leveling the city, landed – people were trying to video it, but he had a jamming device turned on which prevented any videoing, or cell phone reception.

What got out of the UFO was hideous – like a monster and very big.

I remember boldly confronting him in the name of Jesus, and demanded that he depart.

He then turned around, got in his craft, and left.

End of dream.

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  1. John Lepley III

    This is not how NYC is destroyed, IT will be destroyed by a device called the bllast wave accelrator. It is nuclear and has been prophecied by many, I don;t count out ufo’s being involved. Hoover Dam will also be destroyed, Maybe the aliens assist but the state deserves it,

  2. John Lepley III

    Yah-u wah B’Hashem

  3. David Mehew

    Are you sure the city you saw destroyed was NYC? If so, I’d always thought that it would be destroyed by a nuclear device (at least appearing as such)

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