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UFO Dream

Oct 25, 2020, 11:16 AM

Hi, there, I am from Germany, and I never had a DREAM like this. I was hesitaing to share but the Lord told me to share now because this will come.

I don´t have an excat date, it maybe 6 weeks ago. I don´t dream much, but when I dream, I am ME and I KNOW all what I know in real life. It´s kind amazing.

So, I was standing on a wide green grass field. Was really BIG. Many people like me where standing there but in distance, they where just talking. I was watching the Clouds.

The Sky was blue with some clouds. I was watching one big cloud, looked like an UFO… I was thinking wow, this cloud looks like an UFO, suddenly this cloud turned into a REAL UFO and was coming torwards where we all where standing on the field. It was kind like Independence day big UFO, but there where more and more and more, all over UFO´s there apeard out of nothing. I turned my head away from them to earth, to the GRAS I was standing on.

Suddenly I was screaming to all the people they where watching those UFO´s. PLEASE don´t LOOK at them. Turn you HEADS down to the gras, DON´t WATCH them. THOSE are not REAL, they are deceptions of SATAN. Don´t watch at them!! Please everybody should have a personal relationship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus CHRIST, otherwise we will not make it through those DECEPTIONS!! I was screaming this many times to the people!! Then I woke up….. This dream was so real. But I was not afraid.

My name is CHRISTINE


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