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October 3, 2020 8:17 AM
Only A Grain Of Sand

October 2, 2020

Scriptural Reference: ISIAH Chapter 46 Verses 8 – 12

Are you tired of hearing “Doom & Gloom”?
America, America the storm clouds are just gathering!

Listen Now You Have Only Tasted The Appetizer!
The main course is yet to come: Destruction from the sky, Inundation on both coasts, continuing Fires that will not be contained, Earthquakes never before seen by humanity. And, your Just Desserts: Invasion by the Red Dragon & Brown Bear. This many course meal will be a horror like no other, but My Own Will Be In Their Peace, It Will Pass Like A Dream!

The riots and anarchy have just whetted the appetite for those bend on your destruction. They have seen how easy it is to get away with their “City-Demolition Derby”. With its stand-down strategy and skewed media coverage. The closer you get to your election, the more the pot will boil! A pressure cooker of rage, frustration and hate! Your puppet masters are orchestrating it all behind the scenes, using as pawns all those involved in the action, including the police, emergency forces, military, first responders, health care workers, churches, media, courts, institutions, and judicial system.

The rot is spreading across your land like a forest fire driven by titanic force winds. Soon it will spill out of the cities, into the country-side. This is the next step in the advancing Civil War.

Pray For The Most Vulnerable: the homeless, the elderly, the widows, the alone, the sick, the children, the handicapped. And, those in prisons and nursing homes (for they will be vaccinated and chipped without their consent). These will all suffer more under the yoke of the evil ones machinations, designed to take down your country. The ruthless men and women on both sides of your political aisle.

ISAIH Chapter 46 Verses 8 – 12

8. “Remember this, and be ashamed: return, ye transgressors, to the heart.
9. Remember the former age, for I Am God, and there is no God beside, neither is there the like to me:
10. Who shew from the beginning the ancient times the things that are as yet are not done, saying: My counsel shall stand, and all My Will shall be done:
11. Who call a bird from the east, and from a far country the man of my own Will, and I have spoken, and will bring it to pass: I have created, and I will do it. Hear Me, O ye hardhearted, who are far from justice.
12. (partial) I have brought my justice near, it shall not be far off: and my salvation shall not tarry…”

I AM will prepare a Table of Plenty (The Wedding Feast Of The Lamb), for My Own, and you shall be filled in a land of Milk & Honey, in the New Of Peace; for those that live through the Great Tribulation. The Lamb will lie down with the Lion and all will live in harmony, under the shadow of the Wings of The Sun of Justice, Jesus The Christ.

Do not fear this period of strife, My Children, it is the birth pangs of the Coming Era of Peace. The earth must be cleansed of all the evil, hate, war, blood, injustice of all the generations from Adam & Eve on down to your present day.

The snake king is now in a perioxym of Rage & Action. But remember that he is actually on a chain, the length of which My Father controls. He can not presume any farther than he is allowed. Trust in God, regardless of what you see, think or hear! When you Live & Act in Faith, he is stymied, powerless.

The Victory is already Won! Fear Not! Ever Again! And remember this, fear feeds the evil one and his minions, they are en-charged by your fear. It empowers them. Wear The Full Armor Of God! Always! Pray! Day & Night! Cover yourself with The Blood Of Jesus: your house, children, pets, car, land, bodies, money/bills, financial transactions, technology, communications, the ground below, the air above, the road out front, your thoughts, gestures, actions, looks, words.

And All This Period Of The Great Tribulation Will Pass Like A Dream! Your Creator God Loves You & Awaits With Open Arms Your Entry Into The Era Of Peace Or Eternity! Selah!


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