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Two Rapture Dreams – Liv Hinojosa


Two Rapture Dreams

February 26, 2021 9:16 PM
Liv Hinojosa

I had 2 rapture dreams:

The first dream was on February 15, 2021

In the dream, a lady had asked me about my beliefs in Jesus. Being so busy at the time, she followed me until I was able to talk to her about what my religion was – Having Christ as my Lord and Savior wasn’t about a religion but a relationship with Him.

We got into a vehicle and I started driving. I looked at the sky and I saw the moon. The moon was full and the sun was not far off from the horizon. I noticed the full moon was changing all of a sudden. Within seconds, the moon went from full and bright to darkness. The sun disappeared as well.

The moon shined bright again being a full moon. At that moment, I knew the rapture was about to take place. I didn’t have much time to explain in detail about Jesus and I told the lady to pray with me. She knew if she agreed with the words we were praying, she will be saved. So we prayed the salvation prayer.

I looked over where the sun use to be and I saw Jesus in the air. At that moment, the moon went back to darkness and God’s children rose up into the sky.

The lady that was in the vehicle with me was with me in the sky during the rapture. So I knew she got saved.


The second dream I had was on February 26, 2021

In this dream, I saw there were a series of events that were to take place, in order, for the rapture to occur. I don’t remember exactly what they were.

Several of the events had already taken place. So all that was left was the rapture to take place. And we all were waiting.

All of a sudden, the rapture happened. Clothes were left behind as everyone was trying to figure out what happened.

The next event after the rapture took place, was beginning to be fulfilled.

End of dream…

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