Attack, Destruction, Dream


Victoria Ang

January 30, 2019


In the first dream I found myself at a gate with a fence. I was at the entrance of the gate. I was made known that major destruction was barreling down within a short distance of where I was standing . I opened the gate and went to the other side of the fence. And the door quickly shut.And the dream ended!

Interpretation: Major destruction is so very close. The gate represents the safety of one side than the other that will experience the effects of the devastation of destruction!

Second dream:
I found myself on one side of an invisible wall( protection). I stood there watching a huge snake come slithering in on the other side of the wall. A man was standing there and the snake went to open its mouth to devour the man. The man tried to wrestle with the snake in his own power but as he did so the snake gave birth to 100’s of snakes as he wrestled .The other snakes came slithering out from underneath her scattering everywhere.

Interpretation: If we do not turn to the Lord for guidance and protection, giving ourselves over completely to the Lord. The demonic will attack and try to take out life and will only increase. Leading to eternal death!

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