Two Messages To All The Countries Involved In The African Black Slave Trade – Only a Grain of Sand


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Two Messages To All The Countries Involved In The African Black Slave Trade
May 11, 2019
Only The Grain Of Sand

1. Message From God The Father For Louisiana & Mississippi

I will wipe this stain, from your lands, with waters that will cleanse, the sin of your ancestors. The land will be inundated, once for all time. Leave now, my children before the flood waters take this stain of sin away. Pray to Me for discernment. Tarry Not! I AM has spoken. Leave now and move inland, to higher ground, away from the great river.

In the 1820’s French, English businessmen, and Jewish bankers based in Europe, created the first human breeding concentration camps in the world, for the production of black slaves. They were treated like animal stock, without souls. Based and operated in Louisiana and Mississippi, after the sale of this land to America, by Napoleon I, the French Emperor. Women were repeatedly raped, during the course of their child-bearing years. The children were then raised separately, from their mothers, after their being weaned. These women were impregnated as in a human factory, and the children sold-off on the American slave trade market and auctions, to all parts of the country. This went on for many years until the Emancipation, and has never been properly repented or acknowledged by American or European historians, religious leaders, writers or politicians.

Although the above message does not directly mention the reasoning, for this part of the coming Judgment, I AM has placed it on my heart and mind for some time. The time is now for retribution, is close for the people of these two states. They need to pray to God for forgiveness for this heinous crime, against the black people of America. God is close to demanding His Justice on a collective buried sin. The concentration camps were based on lands, on either side of the Mississippi River, for easy shipment of human cargo transported, north on the river and south on to other ports.

2. Message From God The Father For America, Israel, Europe

Woe to you America
Woe to you Europe
Woe to you Israel

I AM will repay every imbalance, every sin, against My beautiful black children. I will use water to cleanse all the black slave trade countries; England, France, Portugal, Holland, America. Repent Now of the sins of your ancestors.

For when America divides my land Israel, I AM will divide America, and the waters will over power you, along the same routes your ancestors traded human cargo; My beautiful black children, sea to sea, cutting your land forever Babylon.

And in Israel from the sea, will come the first salvo, in a war of destruction on two cities, never to be recover in your generation. The lover half of England will sink under the waves, London covered completely. Holland will flood, the coasts of Portugal and France, will see waves cover your shores. Repent you ancient traders of human flesh.

And little Belgium, do not think I AM has forgotten you. King Leopold in the 19th century, was responsible for the murder of millions, of my beautiful African children in the Congo. I will visit your nest also. The tables will be turned over, and around to reveal a rotten core, dedicated to the beast. You will howl with a strained voice. Your god satan can not save you from My Hand! Bruxelles the vipers nest, will be a heap of dung, abandoned by all.

Draw a line from the mouth of the Mississippi River, where it meets the Gulf of Mexico, to Israel. You many not see a connection. But I AM does. The people of the Apple of My Eye, Israel have treated the black African Jews, that emigrated to Israel, like human garbage, as less than human. This is an abomination in My Eyes, and part of the reason Judgment comes to these lands Now.

On the other end, at the mouth of the Mississippi River, was the transfer point for the black slave trade, by boat of the concentration camps constructed in the early 19th century. I AM will wipe this stain off the land, with the water that flows as the highway utilized to carry My children, who were sold as chattel, and treated like animals without a divine soul. For ye are not Gods that ye may destroy My creation!

Scriptural References:

Haggai or Aggeus Chapter 2 Verse 7
“For thus saith the Lord of Hosts; Yet once a little while, and I will move the heaven and the earth, and the sea, and the dry land.”

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