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September 4, 2021 10:33 AM
Sammmy Omosh

1]A couple of months ago,i asked the lord about the timing of the transformation.He told me Famine precedes the transformation.In my country 1.5 million citizens are on famine alert watch.

The vision of New Jerusalem-The location was here on earth.i was standing about 2 miles from this glamorous,sparkling and glittering city with an underneath river passing thro it.

In Oct 2019,i handed an article for posting entitled “It will be in winter,when there is snow”[meditate and pray about it for full understanding.]

2]Revelation on Kenya:

On 3rd Sept 21-In an early morning dream,i saw a complex diagram on a blackboard.The plan here was that of eliminating a person[s].You know the kind of Network analysis diagrams with arrows pointing various places?This is an elaborate masterpiece plan,planned with accuracy and precision.Ihad the understanding that the scheme had been finalised and ready now to be implemented!

On 4th Sept 21-I woke up at 4am{today}from a dream in which i was at aplace and then i saw a swarm of bees flying overhead.I then lay down on the ground and let them passby,i was safe and not stung.[Bees denotes pain/war].Then in a subsequent scene,i saw a man had stocked up on foodstuffs in readiness to what is coming.Then under the inspiration of the holyghost,i said to him“political turmoil looming” will be worse than that of 2007 and then he fell on his knees to pray.

Important NOTES to ponder on:

During uncertain times,times of chaos,turmoil,mayhem,violence and when all hell breaks loose,the supply factor for goods and services is severly affected resulting in supply disruption of the same.Political instability is a factor that affects the supply function and leads to diminished trade at home and abroad,further adversely affecting the GDP of a country.
Remember too,during times of political uncertainty,purchasing power parity[ppp] is significantly reduced.What with demand outstripping supply,hence the demand and supply curve shifting unexpectedly,leading to higher equilibrium prices for goods and services.There may be stock out problems/shortages/empty shelves,puttind these factors together.

Sorry for economic terms highlighted above,but this will be a soon reality for all of us.Inflation and currency exchange [forex] will be experienced too.The Remedy is stock up,stock up,stock up and pray, pray and be prayed up to overcome the coming storm!

PSALM 84:1-12.

Bro Sammy.

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