Two Encouraging prophetic dreams – Victoria Ang

Two Encouraging prophetic dreams

Victoria Ang

I was given two encouraging dreams last night. In the first dream I was with an unknown man (God). We were in this BIG room and it was FULL of very beautiful clothing! . I was made aware I could pick out as many outfits as I liked. The outfits were so beautiful. And I was just examining the beauty of each outfit. But as I was picking out the outfits I kept finding money. The money was everywhere and I collected it as I was going around checking out the garments. But soon the money became so much I found a blanket to pile all the money in the blanket. As I was doing this another unknown man (represents the demonic) was trying to distract me. Saying all these things to try and charm me and doing other things to cause more distractions. But I just ignored him and kept on collecting the garments and money . Soon the other man left( resist the devil and he shall flee) and the dream ended.

Interpretation :

The collecting of cloths and the money represents the transformation and the gifts that are being stored up for us as we continue to follow the Lord. The man distracting represents how satan will use every tactic to cause distraction and try to tempt people to lead them astray, if they are not well grounded in the Lord!

Second dream:

I found myself in a car! It was pitch dark outside and I could not see anything but was made known I was on the very top of a very steep hill.Only feet away to cross over the top of this hill. I paused for a brief moment to give it everything I could to get over the very top of the hill! And the dream ended!

Interpretation :

Again Gods encouragement on how close the finish line truly is! Despite how dark things are in this world we must press on ….. The journey for some is almost done here on earth in our physical bodies!

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