September 23, 2020
Victoria Ang

First I want to share that these dreams were given to me for encouragement .I want to share to encourage others. Some of us have been a long time in praying and staying in faith. And at times the results seem to take such a long long time to see or come to pass.And we can feel discouraged at times ,when there does not seem to be changes.But the Lord is truly at work on our behalf as we stay in faith.
I pray for my family daily. Even though for the most part I have no interaction with them. Most of my family does not want to hear about things I would love to share with them about God. So my only recourse is to stay in continual prayer and let go and let God move.So the one dream pertains to my sister and the progress the prayers are making in her life.

First dream:

In the dream I found myself driving on a highway. There were only a few cars on the side of the highway I was on ,and the other side of the highway was almost bumper to bumper traffic.( represents the few staying on the right path) and the other side of the highway ,those not following FULLY the Lords way)

There was a vehicle in front of me that kept trying to cut me off. Every time I changed lanes the vehicle got in front of me and slowed down to keep me from moving forward. I swerved fast and by passed the car and kept proceeding on the highway. But again as I continued on the road off to my right side ,out of no where a truck with a trailer pulled out right in front of my car trying to block me.

As I watched this truck and trailer ALL OF A SUDDEN it moved and proceeded to go down the highway in the wrong direction . I looked in my rear view mirror and could see it was headed for a crash. I sped on down the highway.The dream ended.


The enemy has TRIED to use EVERY OBSTACLE to slow down and BLOCK Gods faithful children .Trying to STOP the plans God has for ones life. But the Lord will be MOVING the enemy out of the way of progression. So that we can move without hinderance .And causing the enemy his own demise in his tactics.

Second dream:

I found myself with my oldest sister. I was helping her get into a new outfit. I was made known the top was already picked out. ( represents the covering of prayers).

I handed my sister a belt( belt of Gods truth coming forward)and told her to put it on. I proceed to put together pants for her to wear( full covering ).
I was altering the pants to fit her properly. She seemed pleased with her new look.And the dream ended

Interpretation :

Gods truth is partially being manifested . ( Before there was NONE) !! God is at work , changing and alternating her life for NEW changes to be made in her life.So that his FULL TRUTH can come forth and the MUCH NEEDED changes can FULLY manifest!

Brothers and sisters don’t give up on your loved ones. Your family and friends. Please stay in constant prayer for them. So God can move in their lives!!

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