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“Two Dreams Of Shortwave Radios, And Why You Need One” – Bro. John in Mo.

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Two Dreams Of Shortwave Radios, And Why You Need One

May 26, 2023 12:56 PM
Bro. John in Mo.
Two days ago, 50 senators were issued satellite phones, in case something happens to all communications. I have a great burden to get these two warning dreams about shortwave radios, out to the Saints of God. I have also added a very relevant commentary..exactly WHY the Saints of God need to get a shortwave radio immediately, if they do not already have one.

Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus, to the Saints of God scattered across the world. Recently, I have felt a strong urgency in my spirit, to re-write an article that I wrote a few years ago, about the necessity of having a shortwave radio. With all that is happening now in the world, with the ongoing situation between Russia and Ukraine, the threat of nuclear war between NATO (U.S.A.) and Russia is very close now. Also the possibility of an EMP attack on the electric grid, or the electric grid being hacked by one of our enemies, causing a regional, or a nationwide blackout, is a very real possibility at this present time.

This very week, on May 24th 2023, C.B.S. News reported that fifty U. S. Senators were just issued satellite phones, in case an emergency should take out all communications in parts of the U. S. Friends, this is VERY SERIOUS… we are now very close to all out nuclear war with Russia, and also with China. Having the capability of receiving news and critical information from outside this country, is absolutely necessary at this point and time. When Russia, and China launch nuclear weapons on the U. S., they may possibly begin the attack by detonating one, or more nuclear weapons high up in the the atmosphere over the Eastern, Central, and Western areas of the United States. Naturally, the safest place to be is out of cities, and high target areas. I feel strongly led to share a couple of dreams that I had back several years ago, in regard to shortwave radios.

Here is the first dream. (Dream # 1)

I found myself high up in the mountains, in an abandoned old trailer, (the kind like an 18 wheeler would pull) somewhere out in the Western part of the United States. I was looking down the mountain, at the trail that led to the bottom. Way down the mountain, I could see a line of U.S. Army troops walking single file up the trail towards me, and I knew that they had orders to capture me. As I watched them zig-zag up the mountain towards me, I figured that I had about 30 min. before they would arrive, so I went back into the abandoned trailer. Inside the trailer was my shortwave radio.

In my dream, this radio was the most valuable thing to me that I owned….even more valuable than food, or even gold. In fact, I kept looking back at it every few seconds, to make sure it was still there, and that it was alright. (It was like I was horribly paranoid that I was going to lose my lifeline of information that this radio provided) Suddenly a unit of Russian troops burst into the trailer with their rifles drawn on me. As they stood there aiming their rifles at me, slowly one by one, they lowered their guns and put them away, as they had come to realize that I was no threat to them. Strangely enough, even though I could not communicate with them, I felt no fear of the Russians at all… in fact, I sensed that they were all my brothers in Christ! (I felt the exact opposite of the U.S. troops that were coming for me, I sensed that they were of their Father the Devil)

The Russian troops had a woman prisoner with them, who was a fanatical Muslim, with ties to the Chechen Republic. As the Russians began to file out of the trailer, I grabbed my radio, and WILLINGLY went with them into a nearby cave, feeling safe and confident that they would protect me from the demonic U.S. troops who had become my enemies. Once we were all in the cave, I remember standing beside the Russian soldiers, who were separated from the Muslim woman that they were guarding.


(Dream # 2 )

The only thing I can remember of this dream is as follows: There had been a war with China, and those of us in the U.S.A. were being occupied by Chinese troops. My neighbors next door had been taken away, and their house was being used by Chinese troops as one of their local headquarters. The people locally in my area had to go to this newly formed “headquarters” and register with the Chinese troops, and all personal items were then confiscated. If I remember correctly, it seems that all I had on me personally was a cell phone, a camera, and my shortwave radio.

As I was talking to the Chinese troops as I was being registered, I asked them if I could keep the radio, as it was “just a radio” They nearly let me keep it, until one of them took a closer look at it, and saw that it was a shortwave. Upon seeing that it was a shortwave radio, it was immediately confiscated. (With shortwave, you can hear news stations from OTHER COUNTRIES, even when news in your OWN COUNTRY is shut down, or controlled)


There is no doubt in my mind, that these two dreams that I had years ago, were warnings from God, about the times that are right now at our very door. God warns in advance…sometimes YEARS in advance!

At some point, everything in your region, or perhaps the entire country will be off the air. No phone, no internet, no T.V., everything will be gone. With a good shortwave radio, and a good supply of alkaline batteries, you will be able to get information from foreign broadcasts, FEMA, (Federal Emergency Management Agency ) military, and most importantly… ham radio operators. Most all ham radio operators are of the prepper /survivalist mindset, and have taken measures to protect their equipment from EMP. Of course the military, FEMA, and other government agencies have taken the same protective measures, so these agencies will be on the air, and you will be able to hear them if you have the right kind of shortwave radio.

In purchasing a shortwave radio, make absolutely certain that it has SSB (single side band) capability. This is a must! WITHOUT SSB, you will ONLY be able to hear shortwave broadcast stations, (which is better than nothing), but you will NOT be able to hear ham radio operators, the military or FEMA. By having a shortwave radio, you will be far ahead of 95% of the people who live around you, because you will be receiving information, that most other people simply will not have… due to a lack of proper planning.

Let me give the following hypothetical scenario: Let’s suppose Russia has launched a nuclear attack on the U.S, and one of the 20 or so targets in the first round of the attack is Whiteman Air Force Base, (home of the B-2 bomber, a very high target) in Western Missouri. All electric power in the continental U.S. was knocked out by EMP 15 minutes prior to the nuclear attack. Whiteman Air Force Base is about 200 miles West of where I live. Once I have determined that we are under attack, (I have checked, and all local stations in my area are off the air) I then break out one of my shortwaves, that I have stored in metal 20mm. ammo boxes.

I put the batteries in, and tune the radio to 11.175.00 (a global high freq military channel), and instantly I hear almost non stop EAMs (Emergency Action Messages) Next, I punch in 9.023.00 upper sideband, and hear an emotional, frantic voice from NORAD, in Colorado Springs, Co. talking to numerous B-52’s up in the air stating: “They have taken out Whitman Air Force Base, in Mo., and Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha, Neb….and we are tracking, and bracing for the impact of twelve inbound ICBM’s, in six minutes, throughout the Front Range here in Colorado.” (Keep in mind, that all T.V, and local radio stations… nation wide, are off the air…there is nothing but static.)

Next I punch in 14.000.00 megahertz, and start scanning up the ham radio band and I hear a ham operator 20 miles East of Jefferson City, Mo. talking to another ham in Northern Alabama. The ham operator in MO. says to the ham in Alabama: “I just heard the military traffic on H. F. (High Frequency) say that Whitman Air Force Based has been nuked…and that’s only 80 or 90 miles due West of me. I’ve got the winds blowing from the West here, at about 15 mph….so… Bill, you take care, I’m gonna sign off now, and take cover before the fallout gets here.”

I hope you see the point that I am trying to make. Again, the picture that I’m painting here is clearly a hypothetical scenario, but in the panic, and frenzy of actual war, there is absolutely no telling what you may be able to hear in the clear. (meaning communications that are not encrypted ) By having a shortwave radio, and by hearing this kind information, I could, and would be able to determine that the radiation is coming directly my way, here in Missouri, so I would go ahead and take a dose of potassium iodide, (buy it now at and prepare to shelter in place, in the basement, knowing that the radiation would be here in 8 to 12 hours, according to the jet stream winds.

(It is very important right now to book mark on your computer the Jet Stream pattern forecasts, and keep up to date on the wind direction, and Jet Stream pattern for your local area) Having the capability to hear something like this, would be life saving information for an individual, a family, or even an entire community! Shortwave radio prices have really dropped in the last few years, since I bought my first one nearly 30 years ago. The least expensive one that I have found on the internet, that has upper and lower side band (SSB) is the Tecsun PL-330, listed for $79.98 (As I have stated, this is what you want.. a radio with singe side band capability)

I personally do not know anything about this particular radio, and I do not own it, but, Amazon customer reviews gives it 4.5 stars out of 5. Other very good older model shortwaves that you may be able to find on Ebay, are the Sony 2010, and the Grundig YB-400 P.E. I do personally own these two, and they are good radios.There are also reviews of the Tecsun PL-330, as well as others, that you can research on youtube before you buy. Two other companies that sell shortwave radios are:, and

As would be obvious, you get what you pay for… better models will cost more. But a shortwave radio with SSB, (single side band) for under a hundred bucks, I don’t see how you could go wrong. In fact, if one had the means financially, I would buy four or five of them, and store them in metal ammo boxes. During a crisis, you could get many times more than you paid for them. Knowledge is power…get a shortwave radio now!I bought my first shortwave back in 1993, (Sony 2010 model, it still works) and it has brought me many hours of fun, entertainment, information, and knowledge. It also has been an interesting hobby. We are in the last days, and end time events are moving very rapidly now.

Many Christians are completely clueless to the times we are living in, and have no spiritual, or mental knowledge of surviving during a depression, persecution, or tribulation. (most have been deceived by the church, thinking that they will be gone in a so called “secret rapture”… BEFORE the time of tribulation) The Lord said in Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” During a crisis situation, having a shortwave radio may provide the information that someone needs to physically save their entire family, or perhaps, even buy a lost family member the time that they need to call upon the Lord, and be saved.

I have had this strong burden from the Lord, for months now, to write this article about shortwave radios. There must be a reason. Who knows…two weeks from now, or maybe two years from now, we all may be huddled in a corner basement, a closet, or underground, in the mountains, in the woods, or deserts. Our country in total chaos.. under a Russian military attack… with all broadcast stations off the air…and you will be sitting there thinking: “I could have bought the radio..but I didn’t…I put it off, now it’s too late.”

Do not put it off! Get a shortwave radio as soon as possible! Noah went THROUGH the flood. Moses, and the children of Israel went THROUGH the Red Sea, and we Christians are going THROUGH great tribulation, and persecution. Prepare spiritually, prepare physically, and prepare mentally. This is no time to put things off, do it while you still can. Noah built his ark while the sun was still shining… a dark and dangerous night is now nearly upon us, when no man can work.

Whatever you have been meaning to do…either spiritually, or physically, (or both) please get it done right now. Friends, you really do need to order a shortwave radio, if you don’t already have one. I promise you, you will not regret it. May the Lord Bless you, and hide you under the shadow of his mighty wings, as we endure these perilous end time events that the Lord warned us of in advance by his precious word. Maranatha! Come soon Lord Jesus!

Bro. John in Mo.

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