March 31, 2023 8:32 AM
Daniel Masika

On march 28th 2023
I saw thelve scorpion come out the clouds and the twelve scorpion had wings as that of the eagles ,and in their mouth their had Jabs as that of the bee sting and the jab had venom that affects the skin,brain and human flesh and immune system their were given power not to touch tree or animals and the three scorpion went on Asia and three scorpion went on USA, And the rest of the scorpion were scattered all over the world, the followed Angel spoke to them with the loud voice saying, dont allow your feet to touch the ground until the lamb has gathered the precious stones of Gold and the light out so you will begun the operation

I watched until the scorpion remained above the earth and were given ability to do so, and the gate were opened, i saw the lamb of God come out with 144,000 Angels ,their had swords in their hands and the other hand the trumpet, Every Angle had a name on their chest different from another one, and every name had different meaning, the sun and the moon light could not be seen on earth for the light that come with the angel overpowered every light on Earth, the lamb of God a crown on His head, and in His Hands two pure Gold ring and on the rings the names that no angel or human could read it only the receiver and the giver will understand it

then i saw another the lamb in the midst , He never spoke any word, but when the all Angels moved out the gate was closed and in the clouds above their sounded a Trumpet on one accord as people saying the same word once the moon and the sun could not move even the stars , and the earth shook and even you could not hear the sound of animals,birds, or anything move, then on EARTH i saw one group of people come up to the sky their had lights all over their body and their light was as if the Gold light in brightness you could not tell if their are women or men all of them had one face, and their were pulled out of the earth as if the magnet pulls with force the metals, and the angels sang a song as if the song of victory

then i saw the twelve scopion were instructed by the Angel michael saying go now go now touch the ground and you have short time ,while the lamb was in the sky with 144,000 angels with the group of people that come from the earth, the scorpion were hungry hungry for blood and flesh of human the other group of people that were on earth suffered horrible with the stings of the flying scorpion there was no where to run, their could go through the walls and rocks, the cry on earth was too much as their suffered with pain and afflictions , intching and wounds that could not be healed,their desired Death on earth but their could not see it, then i saw the gate in heaven open again and the angel kept singing as their come in with the lamb and the group that come from the earth, then the gate closed , then i saw seven angels come on earth on every continet stood in the sky and their said woe woe woe on earth go in peace Daniel ,the twelve scorpion you saw will remain on earth untill the king of kings comes ,i come out the vision i could not talk i become mute for six hours

Revelation 9:5 And to them it was given that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented five months: and their torment was as the torment of a scorpion, when he striketh a man.

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