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Tsunami taller then tallest buildings – Rachel Ewe

 Tsunami taller then tallest buildings

Oct 22, 2019, 12:41 PM
Rachel Ewe


Nov 26, 2017

I dreamed that God told me to warn everyone a giant tsunami was coming. So I ran up and the down the streets warning people to get to higher level. I went to the top of the tallest building I could find, looked out the window and the tsunami that was coming was so ginormous it completely overtook the building I was in and I was drowning. As I was drowning I was praying and God saved me. When the water subsided I walked over to a small group of people who had listened to me. They heard the warning, they saw the prophecy fufilled but they still chose not to believe because in their heart they loved their own way instead of Gods way.

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  1. trisha


    ROYAL RUMBLE Europe and Canada could COLLIDE as tectonic plate ‘splitting right down the middle’ threatens to shrink Atlantic Ocean and cause ‘catastrophic earthquakes’
    The split may have already claimed 100,000 lives
    Harry Pettit
    8 May 2019, 12:10Updated: 9 Aug 2019, 11:22

    Atlantic Tsunamis

    due to Tectonic plate Movement

    Written 2005

    Revised August 2011

    The aftermath of the 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean has left many wondering, could a similar event occur in the Atlantic and assault the Eastern coast of United States and Western Europe? Scientist have claimed it was an extraordinary earthquake, which has caused the Earth to wobble, when in fact it was the Earth Wobble still not reported to the public in 2011 that caused the earthquake and the one that occurred in Japan in March of 2011. Subsequently we have speculation about the Canary Islands, which presently is rumbling underneath with small earthquakes and a “what if”, scenario on the island collapsing into the ocean during a volcanic explosion. Yes it would create a tsunami, but there would be time to move people a half a mile to a mile depending on the shoreline slope to safety with the 3 hour warning although in most cases the waves would not reach a meter or less in height from a focused epic center along the east coast. So why is there so much concern? snip…

    The oscillating motion first weakens the crust and the rolling magma activates all volcanoes along the expanding crack. Once the force surges magma through a locked mid Atlantic Ridge, the crust will rip apart allowing magma to surge from underneath pushing upward until pressure equalizes in relation to the gap that opened and the return pressure of the ocean stacked on top. Upon contact with the cold ocean depths, the magma solidifies and forms a new crust and falls back towards the seafloor. There is an overshoot below the sea floor, compression occurs within the magma and it is forced upwards again. It is this repeated action until equalization of the crust that creates the tsunamis. As time continues the process escalates, with the crust stretching as the upward pressures supporting the mass starts to wane to the downward pressures of the mass of the new crust and the weight of the ocean.

    Due to the Mid Atlantic Ridge magnetic attraction and stretching of the ocean crust thins as the core continues to rotate and supports for the newly formed magma fails at newly attached edges. What the scientist will not anticipate is the sudden drop along the ridge and then trusting up due to surging compressed magma of the newly formed crust within the Atlantic Ridge. Thus a silent wave of immense size is created a quickly moves towards the coastlines on both sides of the Atlantic. There land masses of Newfoundland and Greenland will somewhat shield the populated areas of the United States and Canada.

    The fall of the sea bed and up heave of the new land mass about the Atlantic Ridge shall be far greater than mankind can imagine and will catch those coordinating evacuations by surprise. Two sets of waves will approach, the first from the depression of ridge, and the second from the thrust of the new rising land mass. The amplitude will be a product of the vertical distance sea level trough to the height of the ocean thrust upwards and the width of this piston action about the Atlantic Ridge. The waves created will far exceed any estimates rising anywhere from 200 to 300 ft above sea level, dependant upon location. The difference between the rogue Asian tsunami and the tidal waves of the Atlantic will experience, is that the whole Atlantic Ridge is involved along several thousand miles of length. Thus reinforcing instead of dissipation will occur, allowing waves created behind the uneven frontal attack to create a tidal bore forcing water in some cases at least 100 miles inland pre pole shift. The unexpected problem, reverse river flow flooding during backwash. Only a few with access to helicopters available will make it out dependent upon loyalty during the confusion. Most caught in the cities during daylight hours or worst nigh hours on the East coast, when then Atlantic Ridge locks at its 12 o’clock noon or mid night position, will only have a chance if alerted by the government will early warning system still not in place on the East Coast. Pray to God that it does happen during the work week. Does danger exist now? Yes and no, as the pressure on the wobble is decreasing and increasing in phases, which is explained in Oscillating in the Middle, the cycle will start again and increase in magnitude and in the following years the cycle repeats only increasing in intensity. It is a time of caution, but there is no date for this initial event and those to follow to occur. There will be warning signs rouge waves unexplained high tides and coastal floods that are within recorded history norms and this has already occurred on the southwestern shore of the UK. These words are printed here to inform and empower you to make the right changes in your life as you remove fear from the equation and to take a positive caring action for you and your loved ones. There will be a warning, which shall happen first, the South Atlantic Tsunamis.snip…

    What come to mind for me is that tsunamis can happen in the altantic by a crustal split. I just read about it on the net the other day! So this comes to remembrance.

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