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Tsunami Dream – Threadsofgold


Date unknown

I had a dream the night before last of a tsunami wave, which is new for me:

I was walking along a river bank talking on my cell phone to someone & I remember saying something like “they don’t see the 60 foot wave coming” & then suddenly as I turned around there was this giant wave taller than the trees coming around the bend in the river. I was conflicted for a moment about what to do, then I hid my phone under a bush & ran up a set of cement stairs. By the time I got to the top & turned to look, the wave had passed & had only flooded a little bit of the bank, & I remember thinking “Is that all it was?” I went back down the stairs & retrieved my phone which was not even wet.

The last part of the dream was weird, not sure it’s relevant: Then I walked over to a group of people who were displaying these furry creatures that looked like large furry cockroaches that were eating some other animal, but I asked if I could have one. The Asian woman who owned them reluctantly said ok, & she had stacks of boxes of these things, so I wondered why she didn’t really want to give me one.
I’m still praying for interpretation on most of this, although I do see us being protected (going up the stairs to higher ground) during whatever calamity the wave represents, & it appears it is short lived. Possible communication temporarily down? I have NO clue about the furry creatures!

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