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Trump’s Ultimatum – Elizabeth Nebenfuhr


Trump’s Ultimatum

January 2, 2022
Elizabeth Nebenfuhr

I had this dream in the month of October, I had asked the LORD for a dream , I’m careful when saying something may be a GOD dream so take this to the LORD. I had nothing on my mind other then wanting to hear from the LORD and to have a dream.

In this dream my husband and I were at a very nice hotel, Though all the bedding was white ( very sterile) it was of very high quality and the decor was very expensive in designer taste ,I looked out the opened drapes to see that we were in a city and on a top floor as I saw upper floors of the other buildings in this city ( perhaps we were in a the penthouse suit?) I thought to myself ‘How could we have afforded this ,even with our triple A and bonus travel points it would be very expensive?”

After I thought this there was a knock at the door and in walked what appeared to look like what are secret service men dressed in black( later I find out they were) and then walked in Melania Trump who instantly gave me what people call the evil eye and she side glanced at me and looked at me with distain, she said nothing, but looked around the room as if inspecting it and those who were the Secret service men also looked around ,then Donald Trump walked up to my husband and I and said ” You have a choice you either submit and take the mark and follow my command or we will come back and take you away, you have some time to think about it,someone will be back later to see what you have decided.”
Then they all left and locked the door behind them.

I then realized we were inside a hotel Trump owned, discussing we had no idea it was owned by him. Later we found out he owned just about everything.

So some time later a knock came onto the door again , the door opened and in walked what appeared to be cleaning staff, there were about 4 Spanish women who said they were only doing their job, as they walked around the room, a couple of woman came close and spoke quietly to Corey and I while the others spoke loudly in their language as like someone was listening and they were trying to muffle out the ones speaking quietly so they could not be heard ( as like if there were listening devices in the room) The ones speaking to my husband and I said ” If you can give us money (5 thousand dollars) we can get you out of here by making it like you agreed to take the mark and get you out right now.”
They said it must be cash and in the hand right then.
We said we did not have that kind of money right now.

All of a sudden the hotel door got kicked in and they pulled the Spanish ladies out and in came others who were women and men in white and Donald Trump came in with them ( watching) that spoke another language which I recognized as Russian, their stature was tall and very strong, they came after us with what looked like a cattle branding rod , all I could do was scream, pray and fight as did my husband they were going after us pretty good ,over powering at times until someone screamed very loud and I saw the prodding rod going in an ankle of one of the people as they went to get my husband.
I saw the brand as clear as I see this writing I’m typing. It was a seal pressed inside the skin,it was a circle and inside was what looked like a special design that only a computer could read. My husband and I ran out of the opened door and escaped, Then I woke up.

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