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Trump Will Return. Continue to put your Trust in God’s Promise – Sharlene Reimer

Trump Will Return. Continue to put your Trust in God’s Promise

Vision #266

January 25, 2021 2:38 PM
Sharlene Reimer

Jan 25/21 Mon afternoon.

I‘ve been in fasting, prayer and praise today.

 I had heard that there are prophets admitting wrong in their prophecy regarding Trump being re elected. And I became discouraged and doubtful that maybe I too need to admit wrong and was willing to do so if Jesus said I should.  Jesus asked me, “What did I tell you?” And I replied: You said if I believe, I will see the glory of God.” (John 11:40) He asked me: “Do you trust Me; do you believe what I tell you is true?” And I replied: I admit, Jesus, that in this waiting I have not always been steadfast in trusting of what You have said to me. Even if you have repeatedly shown me Your promise in several visions that Trump will be in office. I have entertained thoughts of doubt and had a moment of listening to the voice of the enemy instead of Your voice. I’m sorry. Please forgive me.

Jesus then gave me the song He has given to me before regarding other issues by Kristene DiMarco Take Courage. I think the song should be called He’s in the waiting 😉 I  began to listen to the words again… “He will reveal all that is to come. Hold on to your hope as your triumph unfolds…He’s never failing… He’s faithful… He will finish what He has begun. He will keep His promise to me…He’s in the waiting…Stay steadfast…”  For confirmation, I asked specifically if this song was regarding His promise of Trump in office and Jesus replied: “Yes, daughter. Believe and not doubt. Close the door to the enemy of doubt. Take captive every thought and make it obedient to Me.” Then He said look.

And I looked up and Jesus showed me Trump once again at the podium addressing the people. (I’ve seen this same view in vision #260)  but this time, Jesus was in the vision. He was standing slightly behind and to the right side of Trump. Trump was a little emotional but he was speaking in confidence. I saw a mighty angel to the left side of the podium but standing more where the crowd would be.   What is the message?

“I will finish what I’ve started. Watch and see what I will do. Stay steadfast and keep praying for Trump.”


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