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Trump Metamorphosis and God’s Holy Hidden Scroll – Michelle Katherine Orts

Trump Metamorphosis and God’s Holy Hidden Scroll

April 22, 2022 1:46 AM
Michelle Katherine Orts

Fasting Friday, April 22nd, 2022

Dear 444ProphecyNews/Jonathan,

I am submitting an old and brand new Rhema Word today/tonight for your prayerful review and publishing.

David and I pray you and yours and everyone associated with your ministry remain well and prosper always.

In Jesus’ Holy and Agape Love,

Rhema Word.

“NOW is The Appointed Time for Revealing Things Long Hidden!”-Jesus Logos made flesh!

Jesus is telling me that He, God in The Flesh, is going to unroll His Holy Hidden Scroll from The Book of Daniel for all His Church, all who have eyes to see and ears to hear, to be A Witness! Hallelujah! This includes eyes previously blinded by God Himself regarding The Nation of Israel! Eyes shall be opened NOW!!!

The Lord Jesus wants us, His Bride to realize that He does things in precise ways which are not our ways! Jesus’ Holy Spirit led me to find an archived post from July 13th, 2021 to share with His Weary Endtime Warrior Remnant Bride to encourage her, and said to me just now at 1:10AM Central Time Fasting Friday April 22nd, 2022, another Rhema Word from Our Holy Heavenly Father God for Now. “Now is the time to send this. And I want you to address those who say that you heard Me not regarding the global earthquake prophesied April 16th and 17th of 2022, tell EVERYONE, It was silent, hidden and UN-WITNESSED as it was not meant for destruction but for MY Resurrection Power, Authority to be LOOSED and For MY GLORY ALONE! Just as My Holy Angel brought about an unwitnessed, silent and hidden earthquake when My Son Jesus Rose Again from the grave and ROLLED AWAY THE STONE and SAT UPON IT, SO SHALL MY SPIRIT ROLL AWAY THE STONE OF OFFENSE FROM MY CHILDREN. I AM OPENING MY CHOSEN’S EYES GLOBALLY, UNIVERSALLY, IN ALL TRIBES, CULTURES AND NATIONS TO BE ABLE TO SEE ME JUST AS I TORE THE VEIL IN THE HOLY OF HOLIES, I HAVE NOW RENT THE (SPIRITUAL) VEIL SO MY CHOSEN CAN TRULY SEE ME YESHUA HA MASHIACH THEIR DELIVERER THEIR SALVATION THEIR RESSURECTION!!!. AND I AM SEATED UPON MY ROCK! UPON MY CHURCH WHICH IS BUILT UPON MYSELF THE CHIEF CORNERSTONE!”



Prophetic Dream Tuesday July 13th 2021 4:30PM CDT Michelle Katherine Orts
Title: Trump Metamorphosis, India, Phillipines and Singapore…

I dreamed of a complex set of circumstances. The earth was unstable in every way: Politics. Weather. Destructive events and general calamities. Global population. Domestic and foreign, long distance and local wars. No one would listen to each other. There was intense confusion everywhere.

I then heard the Lord Jesus say that the earth (and Heaven) was waiting for President Trump to return to his rightful position as President of The United States and as Commander in Chief publicly and in Official capacity.

But first, Jesus said President Trump had to go through a METAMORPHOSIS with Him, Jesus God in the flesh. I then heard The Lord Jesus call attention and focus to India, Phillipines and Singapore.

“Metamorphosis definition:

1a : change of physical form, structure, or substance especially by supernatural means

the metamorphosis of humans into animals

b : a striking alteration in appearance, character, or circumstances

The company has gone through a series of metamorphoses.

2 : a typically marked and more or less abrupt developmental change in the form or structure of an animal (such as a butterfly or a frog) occurring subsequent to birth or hatching

the metamorphosis of caterpillars into butterflies…”

There were more details in the dream that I can’t remember. I pray Jesus’ Holy Spirit will reveal to me all that He wants me to know and to share with His Church, my fellow brothers and sisters in Jesus.

Prayer. Father God please let Only Your Perfect Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Help me to share Your Word and my Prophetic Dreams that You give me. I pray that I only hear and record what is from You alone. I pray that You alone receive all honor and Glory to Your Name above all names. Jesus My Lord God and King. I love You and pray that I and my husband David and every one of our children, grandchildren and all of our family members hear and obey You Jesus. I pray for all whom we know and all whom You bring into our lives, and via online, to be filled with You by The Power of Your Holy Spirit to Glorify Your Name and to fulfill our Eternal Destinies found only in You Jesus Our King, our Lord God and Savior. Thank You Jesus. Please bring President Donald John Trump into Your Presence on earth to fully teach him, save him, deliver him, heal him, empower and embolden him with the Baptism of your Holy Spirit so that Donald Trump can have true Wisdom to help Your Church here in USA as well as around the world to fuflfill our Callings and The Great Commission in all the earth. In Your Name above all names I pray believing I am receiving. Jesus. I love You, Your Daughter, Worshipper, Dreamer, prophetess, Scribe and most of all, Your friend! Michelle Katherine Orts, Your Love Your TurtleDove.

Finished writing this Prophetic Dream Tuesday July 13th 2021 @ 5:10PM CDT Michelle Katherine Orts

Original Unpublished Title: Trump Metamorphosis, India, Phillipines and Singapore…





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